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College students are fraud gang   remote control; Taiyuan police rescued 20 hours continuous — Law — original title: college students were telecommunications fraud gangs of remote control in recent years, telecommunications fraud means constant renovation, make people impossible to guard against patterns emerge in an endless stream. Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province Public Security Bureau informed today, recently, the city directly under the branch of Interpol brigade after 20 hours of continuous fighting, successfully rescued a fraud Gang remote control of College students. Parents were asked to prepare 500 thousand ransom on the evening of August 29th, the Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau received a telephone call to the parents of students, said he received a phone call to prepare for the 500 thousand Yuan Shujin, and lost contact with his son. After the alarm, directly under the branch police immediately rushed to the scene to understand the situation. The alarm Zhang, is a university in Taiyuan a school boy’s father. Day 19 am, Mr. Zhang received a message sent by his son’s cell phone, the contents of his son has been controlled by the other side, called for a ransom of $500 thousand. At first, Mr. Zhang believes that this is the telecommunications fraud, ignored. But then, the phone has been threatening information. Zhang immediately call his son Zhang’s cell phone, did not want to answer the phone is a man holding a southern accent, claiming Zhang in his hand, and asked for a ransom of 500 thousand yuan. See this case, Mr. Zhang then called the police. Feel the situation is serious, the police immediately report the situation layers. Taiyuan police attention, immediately set up a task force to the Deputy Secretary Han Xingjun, head of the hand drawn, immediately organized elite forces to carry out the investigation, and in conjunction with the relevant departments of the Council met last night to study the case, to develop rescue plan. The police four Bingfen road to carry out rescue work after police task force investigation confirmed that the victim Zhang, male, 21 years old, a university student in Shanxi. On the morning of August 29th, Zhang left home to attend the school after the ceremony did not return. 29, 19 PM, Zhang father received mobile phone message, said Zhang has been controlled, so as soon as possible to prepare a ransom of 500 thousand yuan. In August 29th, a time when students return to school peak, "Taiyuan forum" and the G20 summit meeting, the police task force to solve the case quickly, in order to stabilize campus emotions, maintain the harmony and stability of the provincial capital. The police quickly made arrangements, four Bingfen road work: all the victims to school survey visits, from the students with dormitory to the victim in 29, received a few strange phone call was very poor, left the dormitory; a small hotel, on the road near the school around the Internet, rental housing search and all the way to the University near the search; retrieval of video data, find the victim, the victim that on the 29 day 16 08 leave school dormitory, leave at 16:10 in the way south gate of University; collaborative technical investigation and other departments to carry out the work as soon as possible in order to find the victim. The suspect in the police arrogance threatened to kill a spy at the same time, the report also received micro letters for information and help the victim and suspect speech threat information, which demanded the immediate surrender of a ransom of 500 thousand yuan. In the face of sudden love相关的主题文章:

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