Commercial king returned Buick a new generation of gl8- automobile Sohu-actv

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Commercial king returned Buick a new generation of GL8- automobile Sohu [Sohu] filed a new car business is GL8 MPV, the car must have in most people’s minds, the atmospheric modeling and comfortable ride experience in its 17 years harvest numerous users. Today, GL8 also officially launched the third generation models, although with the more powerful engine, the design is also more young sports style, even as a standard gear for you, a maximum power of 256 horsepower and peak torque of 350 cattle. M is the capital and the three car "challenge". But if I had to choose, I would still choose to enjoy the ride in the second row of seats. From our previous real experience, the new generation of GL8 in addition to consolidate the business user market, but also need more family consumers, but from the point of view of the final listing price, normal consumers is still relatively far distance. Even, Buick also launched a higher positioning Avenir version of GL8, but also symbolizes the Buick brand up. As the owner of the Avenir, in the car, he can enjoy a variety of customized design of the car; the car, he will also enjoy a variety of customized high-end exclusive service. Of course, all this must be linked to the premise of money… In power we are concerned about the assembly form, the regular version of GL8 and GL8Avenir is not much different, still is the code for the 2.0T LTG turbocharged engine, 6 speed automatic transmission. We focus on the test model, it is all the time the top -28T flagship. As for power, as a partial business of MPV dynamic positioning, this set of 2.0T+6AT assembly in the GL8 body is adjusted to a more linear, as the engine will turn the output peak torque at 2000, but most of the time it will speed at 1500 rpm on the accelerator pedal, with the intensity of light, driving is smooth and easily, there is no unexpected sense, will never let the back seat of the VIP "Xinjingroutiao; and when you need to accelerate, overtaking, just wait, once the turbine fully involved, the engine will not let you down. However, this is still a more suitable for the ride of the car, driving it is not necessary, nor is it in line with its image. Carrying the VIP comfort and ease of life to the next destination, it is the duty of. Related reading: the new generation of Buick GL8 static experience it is hard to imagine that the basic business of the domestic MPV boss SAIC Buick GL8 actually ushered in the new generation. Before in the real activities, once a colleague said to me: GL8 the car there is no need to upgrade. Qiazhiyisuan, from Buick’s new generation GL8 officially listed but there are a few weeks (November 5th officially listed), what makes fundamental Buchoumai Buick GL8 to complete the new generation in such a short time? The replacement has changed相关的主题文章:

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