Commission the direct relationship between the safety of urban rail equipment in accordance with the-plants war

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CNCA: city rail equipment directly related to the safety of finance to carry out compulsory certification — — (Xing Zheng) in Beijing in October 8, the people of finance from the CNCA was informed that, recently, the national development and Reform Commission, CNCA jointly issued a notice to carry out the deployment of city rail transportation equipment (referred to as urban rail equipment certification). Notice that the Commission and the certification and accreditation supervision departments in provinces of the municipal development and reform to formulate and improve relevant policies for the development of city rail equipment certification work, strengthen supervision and management, to create a good market environment, to ensure the certification work orderly. And put forward, according to the voluntary certification and compulsory certification of the principle of combining the vehicle and signal system and other key equipment and key parts gradually promote the voluntary product certification, and strive to 2020 to achieve full coverage of urban rail transit equipment key product certification, equipment directly related to operation security and public safety, carry out compulsory certification according to law. The notice also requires the detection mechanism of city rail equipment certification shall have relevant qualification approved by the CNCA, with in conformity with the city rail equipment product certification activities of certification inspection and other technical skills to carry out work strictly according to the laws and regulations. To establish a responsibility traceability mechanism, strengthen the integrity of the system, and constantly improve the credibility of the certification results. City rail project related units should pay attention to the certification results admissible, actively certified results will be applied to the supplier quality credit evaluation, bidding procurement, equipment manufacturing and engineering construction supervision and acceptance inspection.         (: Xing Zheng, commissioning editor Xia Xiaolun)相关的主题文章:

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