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Sent to the Beijing express in Zhejiang sign rhyme: address wrong Beijing – Ms. public purchase five tires in the shop, the seller shipped after upload number rhyme delivery. Three days later, Ms. Zeng found that the courier should be sent to Beijing was signed in Zhejiang. In this regard, the seller and courier were given two number but the recipient address different delivery orders, which makes Ms. Tsang puzzled, who is responsible for the loss somehow. The day before, the Beijing morning news and to intervene, the amusing incident eventually resolved. Beijing has been sent Zhejiang sign according to Ms. Zeng said, in September 8th, she bought five tires in a company located in Guangdong "Yinxing Auto City shop, a total of 2800 yuan, the shop delivery and upload a number of rhyme delivery. In September 11th, the goods for Ms. eager to see the logistics development, logistics information display goods receipt. In this regard, the seller and courier to answer more let Ms. stunned, "the two sides show on the express orders, fill in the address completely different". Beijing morning news reporter through her photos to see, shop to provide goods for Beijing, but the document received in Zhejiang delivery courier in the hands of Zhejiang in Huzhou City, but reporters found that both express a single tail number is 2355, a query by rhyme delivery to Guangdong’s official website. Ms. Zeng said, after the two sides overweight part wrong tire each one sticks to his argument. "Rhyme how there will be two copies of the same number of courier? The shop seller is not others waybill fill my address? Goods are others sign, who is responsible for my loss?" Ms. Zeng puzzled. With doubt, the day before, by reporters and rhyme express intervention, cooperate with the investigation, to the bottom of things. Originally, the seller shipped when actually using the tail number 2355 of the courier, but because every single goods shall not exceed 30 kg, so delivery after receipt should be five tires were sent and re fill number. "There is no rhyme two copies of the same number of express orders, we see through the monitoring, the staff in the new tire for each post courier, mistaking another single address on the same day in the shop to take the fill in the form, to send the wrong goods, we apologize." Guangdong rhyme reached the head of the customer service department, Ms. Chen apologized for this many times. The seller has agreed to refund the full amount of buyers Ms. Chen said that the company is now linked to see if the goods can be recovered, such as Zhejiang can not be recovered, the company will not shirk its responsibility, will be compensation. In addition, Taobao customer service, told reporters that at present, the shop owner has agreed to return all the tires to ms.. Beijing Morning News Hotline reporter Guo Dan clues: Mr. Chen相关的主题文章:

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