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CSI received: down line pressure highlights Zhongzheng Wang news (reporter Xu Weiping) two, the Shanghai and Shenzhen market today almost flat open, shock upstream, Shanghai refers to the disc stand on the 3100 point mark, but saw a rapid decline, good times don’t last long, huzongzhi barely received red, but the main index of Shenzhen are turned green. At the same time, the two cities turnover remained at $600 billion, did not effectively enlarge. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3091.93 points, up 1. 22 points, or 0.04%; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10838.72 points, down 22.78 points, or 0.21%; the Shenzhen two city turnover of 560 billion 694 million yuan. In contrast, the small board index fell 0.28% to close at 6986.07 points, the gem index fell by 0.49%, to close at 2212.05 points. Asian markets, the Nikkei 225 index fell 0.41% today, to close at 17012.44 points; the United States shares yesterday closed up slightly, the Dow Jones industrial index rose 0.25%, to close at 18538.33 points; the NASDAQ index yesterday rose 0.50%, to close at 5275.91 points. The industry, the 28 industry sectors in the case of Shen has 13 sectors to achieve the rise, SWS building decoration, building materials and leisure services index gainers, rose by 1.84%, respectively, and 0.41%. In contrast, the number of SWS media, mining and food and beverage before the decline, down 0.85%, respectively, 0.83% and 0.65%. Analysts pointed out that in the rebound and callback cycle, the main index of several years to test the water line, this week rebound again breakthrough, PPP concept scheduled to become the vanguard, leading stock index back on 3100 points. However, it is worth noting that the annual line pressure, the short term, it is difficult to effectively break through. It is noteworthy that the small and medium-sized has always been under the repression of the line, under the pressure of supervision and valuation, growth stocks controversial.相关的主题文章:

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