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Depression or the news that Qiao Renliang, 28, a "stealth killer", which threatens human health second, recently died of suicide in depression, shaking the network. At a time, all kinds of expressions of regret and regret are all over the ear. A lot of people difficult to understand why such a good family, Yan bright, promising actors will use this extreme way to death, "what good?" It’s the same question. In order to solve this problem, since the media broadcast program, specially invited parenting experts ChunZi, psychological research center of Fudan University professor He Lingfeng, and psychologist, Shanghai dear Health Promotion Center Deputy Director General Mao Ding guest studio, to uncover the truth behind the depression. The unfortunate death of a star in the two days has led to the attention of the people in the subject of depression again. Amazed, the netizens suddenly found a "terrible" fact that depression is really not far away from us. According to the WHO and the school of public health at the Harvard University in the United States, depression will become the second largest disease of human being second only to cardiovascular disease in 2020. Statistics show that the number of suicide deaths worldwide is 1 million per year. In 2009, an epidemiological survey in the lancet estimated that there were 90 million people in China. There are no real and accurate figures on the number of Chinese depressive patients, but there are tens of millions. This number is really a bit of a scare. Because, the recent small editor is also not able to eat bad sleep, a control online self-test, the more like the more like, do I really depressed? Ding Mao: I think this name is very interesting, depression, or depression, depression is unhappy, he is in peacetime, he is not the unhappy things to show depression in an important psychological process early, anger, sadness, depression, he often do not, this is especially easy to accumulate in the depression in early days, the accumulation of excessive energy burst out. In this regard, Professor He also let small drink hot water pressure Yajing, don’t scare yourself all right. Although most of the online topics are reliable. But – He Lingfeng: you know, many of the problems here are a criterion for diagnosing people who think they have depression. That is to say, when you are sick, you can measure it, it can determine your depression level, but you have no problem. If you go to the test, it may detect strange things. Depressive symptoms and depression are two different things. In fact, the diagnosis of depression is not easy. Unlike a cold, a blood test can be taken, and there are no specific examination items that can be used to diagnose depression. Popularly speaking, the diagnosis of depression is in addition to the standard of symptoms and the standard of disease. If it lasts for more than two weeks, and the severity standard, such as patient’s pain, life and work are seriously affected, even self mutilation and suicidal thoughts or behaviors occur. In addition, there is a diagnostic standard that needs to be tested for the patient to remove the problem of physical disease. In this way, the little editor can put down the heart of fear for the time being. But curiosity rose again. Arguably, we are now running in a well-off society to Sunshine Avenue, I have ample food and clothing and all kinds of rich and colorful cultural life. How much stronger than I didn’t know in the past, and how could it be depressed? To answer this question, we have to start from the source, where does depression come from? The professional statement is – from the future. We conceive a beautiful world, imagine how others accept me, but finally find that when that thing is not enough, there will be self frustration. So his blow came from his heart, from the world he imagined and built. Well, in other words, "dreams never come into reality." He Lingfeng: the development of depression in the world is like this. The more developed the region or the country is, the higher the incidence of depression. With the development of society, the rise of individualism has led us to face ourselves more and more. Many people are not prepared for this matter, so these internal entanglements are very important sources of depression. So, is depression just "too much"? "Heartless" would be far away from disease? The answer is negative. Experts say depression is not a purely psychological problem, but a organic disease based on a certain biological basis. For example, there was a study that found that the hippocampus experienced atrophy in patients with depression, but the atrophy could be slowed or reversed through drug treatment. In fact, the cause of depression is still a mystery in the medical field. But it can be sure that the cause of depression is very complex, involving multiple biological, psychological, and external social environment. "A more consistent consensus is that five serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and other brain cell neurotransmitter dysfunction, resulting in the clinical manifestations of depression. In addition, the disorder of the body’s endocrine axis will also appear to be depressive symptoms. " Although the cause of depression remains to be further studied. But the obvious fact is that one group seems to have a relatively high incidence of depression – a performing star. For example, Leslie Cheung, and the mainland singer Chen Lin is because of depression and Dutch act, and in the world, the famous Hollywood comedy star Robin Williams also because of suffering from severe depression and the choice of Dutch act; plays the famous British comedy actor Rowan Atkinson, Mr Bean is also suffering from depression, it is said that Chaplin is a patients with depression. Is this a coincidence or a rule, which will be the key to unraveling the mystery of the cause of depression? For this, three experts in the same voice – little editor, you think more! Because according to the statistical results, in fact, the highest rate of suicide should be the doctor, especially the male doctor. We can cite a lot of premature death of the brightest star, just because they are the star, will be more concern. Moreover, depression is really not equal to going on the way to suicide. Haruko: it should be said that one of the 9 criteria we determine in depression is the idea of suicide, or the way it has been committed. But not all depression must reach this one. There are 5 of his 9, we can determine that he is a depression, so not all of the depressive patients have suicidal thoughts. So, which people are more likely to be depressed? In fact, depression has a preference for women. Compared to men, the incidence is 2:1. This is associated with a woman’s lifetime experience of menstrual, pregnancy, and menopause. Depression is not divided by age. In recent years, with the advent of the aging society, the elderly with chronic chronic diseases have a trend of increasing depression. Data show that depression is a non motor symptom of Parkinson. 13 of Parkinson patients are accompanied by depression. In the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease, 20%-30% also has depression and anxiety. At least 12 to 23 of patients with stroke will experience depression. Since depression is a disease, will it be contagious? After all, everyone says that emotions can infect each other. Ding Mao: depression sometimes resonate, but to become a disease, a disease, this is a long-term stability of an emotional reaction mode, is not so easy. Finally, it’s also a must for everyone of us. When we find someone with depression, how should we help him or when someone finds out that he may have a little depression, where should I go for help? He Lingfeng: the first one I think is the company. If we find that there are such people around us, the first thing we have to do is to accompany him, and then support him to a professional organization to diagnose. And then I think this is the most scientific way to do it according to this way of diagnosis. 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抑郁症或成威胁人类健康排名第二的“隐形杀手” 28岁的艺人乔任梁近日因抑郁症自杀去世的消息,震动网络。一时间,各种表达惋惜、遗憾的言论不绝于耳。很多人难以理解,为何这么一位家境好、颜值高、前途光明的演员会用这种极端的方式离世,“有什么想不开呢?”是一致的疑问。为了解开这个问题,自媒体联播节目,特意邀请亲子教育专家春子,复旦大学心理研究中心教授贺岭峰,以及心理咨询师,上海亲爱健康促进中心副总干事茆丁做客演播室,一同揭开抑郁症背后的真相。这两天一位明星的不幸离世,再次让抑郁症这个话题引发众人的关注。惊愕之余,网友们忽然发现一个“可怕的”事实—— 抑郁症真的离我们并不遥远。据世界卫生组织和美国哈佛大学公共卫生学院预测:2020年,抑郁症将成为人类仅次于心血管疾病的第二大疾病。资料显示,全球每年因抑郁症自杀死亡人数高达100万人;2009年《柳叶刀》上一篇流行病学调查估算,中国抑郁症患者已达9000万人。关于中国抑郁症患者的数据究竟是多少,目前并没有一个真实准确的数字,但数以千万级是肯定了的。这个数字,让小编着实有些吓丝丝了。因为,最近小编也是吃不下睡不好,一对照网上的自测方法,越看越像,难道我真的抑郁了吗?茆丁:我觉得这个名字还是很有意思的,抑郁,抑是压抑,郁是郁郁寡欢,他是在平时,他就是不把跟郁郁寡欢的东西呈现出来,抑郁症在前期的一个重要的心理过程,愤怒、悲伤、低落,他往往不表现,这是抑郁症在早期的时候特别容易积攒的,积攒的过多了能量就爆发出来。对此,贺教授也让小编喝点热水压压惊,别没事儿吓唬自己。尽管大部分网上的题目本身是靠谱的。但是——贺岭峰:你要知道,这里边的很多题,是用于那些认为自己得了抑郁症的人做诊断的一个标准。就是说,你生了病,你去测它,它能够确定你的抑郁程度,但是你没有问题,你去测,它可能会测出很奇怪的东西来。抑郁症状和抑郁症是两回事。其实,抑郁症的诊断并不轻松。不像感冒可以抽个血化验一下,目前并没有可以诊断抑郁症的特异性检查项目。通俗来说,抑郁症的诊断除了症状标准,还有病程标准,如要持续两周以上,以及严重程度标准,如患者自觉很痛苦,生活、工作受到严重影响,甚至出现自残、自杀的念头或行为。另外,还有一个排除诊断标准,需要对病人抽血化验,排除躯体疾病问题。如此看来,小编暂且可以放下忐忑之心。不过,好奇之心又不禁升起。按理说,我们现在奔跑在通往小康社会的阳光大道上,丰衣足食之余还有各类丰富多彩的文化生活。比过去不知道强出了多少了,怎么还会抑郁了呢?要回答这个问题,还得从源头说起,抑郁从何而来?专业的说法是——来自未来。我们构想出一个美好的世界,想像别人如何的接纳我,但是最后却发现那个东西达不到的时候,就会有自我的挫败感。所以他的打击是来自于他的内心,来自于他想像的、构建的那个世界。嗯,换句话说,就是“梦想永远照不进现实”。贺岭峰:从全世界抑郁症的发展是这样的,地区或者国家越发达,抑郁症的发生率就越高。随着社会越来越发展,个人主义的这种兴起,导致了我们自己越来越要单独的面对我们自己,很多人没有为这件事情准备好,所以内在的这些纠结,我觉得是抑郁症的很重要的来源。如此说来,抑郁只是“想太多”的心病吗?“没心没肺”是否就能远离疾病呢?答案是否定的。专家表示,抑郁症并非单纯心理问题,而是有一定生物学基础的器质性疾病。比如,有研究发现抑郁症患者的海马体会出现萎缩,但通过药物治疗,这种萎缩有可能被减缓或逆转。事实上,抑郁症的病因至今在医学界仍是未解之谜。但可以肯定是的,抑郁症的病因非常复杂,涉及多生物、心理以及外部社会环境等多重因素。“比较一致的共识是,五羟色胺、去甲肾上腺素、多巴胺等脑细胞神经递质功能紊乱,从而产生了抑郁的临床表现。此外,人体内分泌轴的紊乱,也会出现抑郁的症状。”尽管抑郁症的病因还有待进一步的研究。但是,一个明显的事实却是,有一个群体好像是抑郁症发病率相对比较高——演艺明星。比如说,张国荣,还有内地女歌手陈琳都是因为抑郁症而自杀,而在国际上,著名的好莱坞喜剧明星罗宾•威廉姆斯同样也是因为患了严重的抑郁症而选择了自杀;著名的英国喜剧演员憨豆先生的扮演者罗温•艾金森也是患有抑郁症,据说卓别林也是一个抑郁症患者。这是巧合还是规律,这会是解开抑郁症成因之谜的钥匙吗?对此,三位专家异口同声——小编,你又想多了!因为按统计的结果,其实自杀率最高的职业应该是医生,尤其是男医生。我们能列举出一大堆英年早逝的各路明星,只是因为他们是明星,会比较受人关注而已。况且,抑郁真的不等于就会走上自杀这条不归路。春子:应该说抑郁症我们判定的9条标准里面有一条是有自杀的想法,或者是已经实施过自杀的方式的。但是不是所有的抑郁症动必须达到这一条。他9条里面有5条,我们就可以判定他是抑郁症,所以不一定所有的抑郁症患者都会有自杀的念头。那么,究竟哪些人会比较容易抑郁呢?其实,抑郁症对女性有偏好,相对于男性来说,发病率是2:1。这跟女性一生要经历经期、孕期、更年期等激素大起大落的波动有关。抑郁症不分年龄,近年来,随着老龄化社会的到来,长期慢性疾病缠身的老人抑郁患者有增多的趋势。有数据显示,抑郁症是帕金森的一个非运动型症状,1 3的帕金森病人伴有抑郁;老年痴呆的病人,20%-30%早期也会有抑郁焦虑的表现;而中风的病人中,起码1 2到2 3会发生抑郁。既然抑郁是种病,那么它会传染吗?毕竟,大家都说,情绪是可以互相感染的。茆丁:抑郁的情绪有的时候会产生共鸣,但是要变成一个症的话,变成一个病的话,这是一个长期稳定的一个情感反应的模式,不是那么容易的。最后,也是我们每个人都应该了解的——当发现我们身边有抑郁症的倾向的人,我们应该怎么样去帮助他,或者说有人发现自己可能会有一点点小抑郁的时候,应该到哪里去寻求帮助?贺岭峰:第一个我觉得就是陪伴。如果我们发现身边有这样的人,第一件事情我们就要陪伴他,然后支持他去专业的机构去诊断。然后根据诊断的这种方式来处置,我觉得这是最科学的一种方式。》》》今日推荐:30省份取消农业户口 专家:农转非不一定要放弃土地二胎诞下龙凤胎 一家七口住43平方米普通公房机场搬运工偷走20部iPhone7 警方9小时抓获嫌犯“蛇蝎丈夫”指使同伙杀妻骗保300万 被判死刑丈夫捉奸在床拍下证据 妻子争夺其手机摔下楼死亡 产后抑郁症太可怕了,妈妈咬掉孩子的脸 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章:

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