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Deputy manager stole clothes to sell online is the theft or embezzlement? Beijing – Yangcheng Evening News reporter Xue Jianghua, correspondent Dong Liu, Zhang Mingming reports: a deputy manager of the clothing store in the warehouse, stole more than and 200 pieces of clothes, and then sold to others on the Internet, thus profit more than twenty thousand yuan. Is this act of theft or embezzlement? Guangzhou Liwan District court hearing the case yesterday, this issue has become the focus of court debate. If the theft conviction, the deputy manager will face a prison sentence; if the embezzlement crime, but the amount is not up to the standard of crime crime. How to sentence? The court asked the Public Security Bureau of Liwan District about 60 police officers to attend the case hearing. Female deputy manager stole clothes to sell online Yu of a 31 year old, secondary education. In September 2011, Yu came to Guangzhou a Garment Co. Ltd. Liwan District Hengbao road deputy manager. According to the prosecution allegations, from November 2015 to June 7, 2016, Yu served as deputy manager of the store, the stolen goods in his bag and means in the morning before work back to the shop theft, theft has 20 times the store brand clothing, belts and a total of 267 (article), identified a total value of RMB 4917 yuan. Then, through a fence Yu leisure nets, from the illegal profits totaling RMB 20000 yuan. Yu said, at the beginning, she went to the store warehouse and put the clothes into his bag, and then back out after work. By April 2016, online buyers demand, so she went to the store one hour ahead of time to work, while other colleagues have not come, turn off the store warehouse surveillance video, the clothes away. Send the goods to the buyer and come back to work. In June 8, 2016, Yu Mou was arrested. "On that day, the security company found me and asked me if I was holding a big bag out of the video surveillance outside the shop, asked what was the matter, and said that if confessed, not held in my work for the company for so many years." Yu said, she stated his behavior to the security. In the afternoon, after receiving the report, the police came. On the court, Yu pleaded guilty. Prosecutors believe that the crime Yu used to facilitate the work instead of his office, her behavior constitutes a crime of theft. And Yu’s counsel that Yu Mou’s behavior should be recognized as the use of his office, the nature of embezzlement, but the amount is not up to the standard of conviction. About 60 police officers to attend the hearing the case is simple, but it is the focus of controversy in the trial the defendant’s behavior belongs to the theft or embezzlement behavior. Because of the different point of punishment, the defendant’s behavior if the theft into the penalty when punishment; if the occupation is not guilty. And the evidence of the crime that play a key role. In view of this situation, Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau of Liwan District Liwan District court invited about 60 police officers to attend the case hearing. It is reported that the investigation personnel invited to attend the case hearing is one of the hospital as a long-term mechanism to promote the activities of the hospital, but also take the initiative to implement "centered on the trial of criminal litigation system reform requirements of the real one. Liwan District court of criminal adjudication tribunal beam.相关的主题文章:

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