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UnCategorized Destination weddings are a much cooler trend than the princess marriages dreamed up by previous generations. A destination wedding allows the bridal party, friends and family to celebrate the union in a retreat atmosphere, enjoying plenty of social time before and after the ceremony in an exotic location. There are practical considerations, though, when it .es to planning a wedding far from home. Legal requirements, licensing and budget concerns scare some couples away, but these can be managed fairly easily with a little research. Legal recognition in the couple’s home country is probably the most important consideration when planning a destination wedding. Make sure that the local government will acknowledge the union, even though the ceremony took place elsewhere. At worst, a couple can still have their dream wedding, albeit with a quick stop with the local authorities for an "official" marriage later. Residency restrictions at the destination may be an important consideration, as well as mandatory waiting periods following a divorce. In St. Maarten, for example, brides must wait at least 306 days after their divorce in order to remarry. Some countries and U.S. States require a couple to be residents of the state for a certain period of time before the ceremony. It’s important to research the legal residency requirements and waiting periods, if applicable, before setting a date for a marriage abroad. Couples should also plan far enough in advance to be sure guests are able to schedule travel and ac.modations. If it’s important to have everyone at the same hotel, ask about reserving a block of rooms for the party. Often, this can mean that the bridal suite is .plimentary, or that guests get access to a banquet room or even dinner for free. If the hotel doesn’t mention any kind of incentive, ask about the options available. Health requirements are also important. Some countries require visitors to prove immunity to certain diseases, via immunizations. When traveling to a new area, couples are faced with unfamiliar bacteria, germs and viruses that their bodies may not have developed immunity against yet. Their home country may also require that travelers returning from a certain destination be free of symptoms or proven immune. Budgeting for a destination wedding is often the easy part, depending upon currency exchange rates. A wedding abroad may be less expensive than having one in the states. Be sure that guests are aware of currency exchange rates, as well. But legal and health restrictions and an awareness of guests’ travel planning requirements are the most important considerations for planning a destination wedding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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