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Detained former girlfriend beaten stripped punishment Hunan police appeal for innocence – Sohu news October 25, 2016, the Yueyang Tower in Yueyang city Hunan District People’s Court of first instance verdict, the Yueyang Municipal Public Security Bureau police beatings of Zhao Gu’s implementation, and through the insult, abuse, resulting Zhao took off his clothes and naked, and in several times before the incident the damaged vehicle, Gu Wenfan was sentenced to the crime of illegal detention, but from criminal penalties, compensation for economic loss of 12887.59 yuan zhao. After the verdict, the defendant Gu Wen refused to accept the appeal request revoked the first instance verdict, commuted his innocence. The plaintiff subsequently put forward the second statement of Zhao, said the verdict and Gu’s appeal to "indignation extremely", request the second sentence of imprisonment, gu. Surging news confirmed () from Hunan Province, Yueyang City Intermediate People’s court, Gu Wen alleged illegal detention case of second instance trial date will be. Surging news obtained Gu "criminal complaint on the defendant and the plaintiff to provide" Zhao Gu "victims of illegal detention case of second instance Representations" (hereinafter referred to as "the second statement") showed that both sides would argue whether the restriction of personal freedom and the clothes off. "One focus: whether emotional conflicts caused the verdict, zhao gu proposed to break up, but because the defendant does not agree to break up but failed to gu. Gu Wen in the "criminal complaint" said, and Zhao at the time of the incident is still in love relationship, drag Zhao car to resolve emotional crisis. Zhao in the "second" in response to the statement at the end of July 2015, he broke up, Gu Gu to agree, after the reply message clearly inform broke up, Gu Wen also said it has agreed to in reply to a text message. Zhao believes that the judgment of the first instance decided that emotional disputes with the facts. "Two focus: whether the restriction of personal freedom of judgment, and Zhao Gu to solve between the feelings of disputes, forced Zhao control in driving the car, forcibly grabbed Zhao’s arm, put it into his driving cars, after the surrender of zhao gu for mobile phone, was Zhao refused after a dispute between the two sides, the mobile phone in the course of the two sides dispute was thrown out the window, Zhao Lu cry, in the garage to the Dongting Lake bridge, Zhao off contact lenses. Gu Wen in the "criminal complaint" said, he dragged Zhao car not to restrict or deprive of personal freedom, but to resolve emotional crisis; in addition to drag Zhao car, did not refuse or stop off Zhao’s speech and behavior, in the whole process, Zhao can call for help, alarm and left. But starting from the car for more than five hours to get off, Zhao had to get off and psychological requirements (including verbal requirements), nothing to get rid of the "detention" behavior. Zhao in the "second" in the statement also responded, the verdict ignored Gu know high myopia civilization also forcing the victim off contact lenses and is forced to lose their mobile phone to prevent it in contact with the outside world. Surging news before the "Yueyang police accused detained former girlfriend and forced the strip.相关的主题文章:

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