Detective Conan heavy plate first episodes of PV published a new and a

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"Detective Conan", "heavy plate making" first episodes, PV announced the new one and got a stick. The detective Conan decided to launch the 20th anniversary special animation and it is known as the real first words. This will be the original author Aoyama comprehensive supervision. And 2 hour special this time not only is the weight of large TV animation of the first set, and there will be a new drama debut. What were the surprises of the official PV announcement in September 17th? Come and see it together. (broadcast animation industry, a new turn to gin rattan stick.) "Detective Conan" really, the first word detective work rattan PV: a new high school and ran in the amusement park and found two strange actions of black men, then track them unexpectedly filled the mysterious poison a "APTX4869", but because of the side effects of the drug, a new body was returned to the status of children. To make the people around him were implicated, the pseudonym "Conan Edo", live in the home of Mao Lilan, with watch Agasa Hakase invented a tranquilizer gun get Kogoro sleeping, then use bow changer to imitate his voice for reasoning, solve a number of cases, and has been looking for a black organization man’s whereabouts, hope some day in the future will be brought to justice, and return to their original appearance. "Detective Conan" true. First words PV screenshot: [source: Anime starry]

《名偵探柯南》“重制版”第1集PV公佈 新一又挨一棍子   先前《名偵探柯南》決定推出20周年特別動畫並且號稱是誰也沒看過的真・第1話!本劇將由原作者剛昌全面監修。而且本次的2小時特別篇不光是重寘TV動畫的第1集,還有將有大量的新劇情登場。   9月17日真・第一話的官方宣傳PV公佈,究竟有什麼驚喜出現呢?一起來看一下吧。(動畫播出後,工籐新一又會挨琴酒一棍子。)   《名偵探柯南》真・第一話PV:   高中生偵探工籐新一與毛利蘭在游樂園游玩時發現兩個行動詭異的黑衣男子,便跟蹤他們,不料被灌下一種“APTX4869”的神祕毒藥,然而因為藥物副作用,新一的身體竟回到孩童狀態。為不使周圍的人受到牽連,他化名為“江戶柯南”,寄住在毛利蘭傢中,用阿笠博士發明的手表型麻醉槍讓毛利小五郎睡著,接著用蝴蝶結變聲器模仿他的聲音來進行推理,解決了許多案件,並一直尋找著黑衣組織的人的下落,希望有朝一日將其繩之以法,並變回原來的樣子。   《名偵探柯南》真・第一話PV截圖:   [來源:動漫星空]相关的主题文章:

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