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Did your alma mater go to the list of the oldest 22 middle schools in Jiangxi? Source: the headline Jiangxi public number in the long history may be only a short flash in one hundred years, but for a school, one hundred years recorded the vicissitudes of the years, remembering pride and pride, entruing deep feeling and expectation. One hundred years of school, most people first reaction is in fact University, Jiangxi also has such 22 schools, what is more, the most senior school history has nearly a thousand years, not only gave birth to a group of outstanding talent, it is a witness to the history of Jiangxi, since ancient times, today, Xiaobian take you to see. What are these school Jiangxi more than 100 years of high school ~ (hereinafter in alphabetical order) in Jiujiang (955 years) predecessor: create: Lian college founded in 1061: Jiangxi province Jiujiang first middle school (referred to as Jiujiang one) is an excellent point of middle school in Jiangxi Province; 1957 was designated as "the key middle schools in Jiangxi province"; in November 2000, was awarded the "national modern education experimental school" title. History: Jiujiang No. 1 enjoys a reputation as "a thousand – load school and a hundred year famous school". It has a history of nearly a thousand years. It has been formally established in 1902 and has a direct history of 114 years. In 2011, the eight Li eight Li Lake campus was completed and put into use. Jiujiang first entered the era of "one school and two districts", the school has been in history for nearly a thousand years. Ji’an Bailu Zhou high school (775 years) predecessor: Bailu Chau academy founded: introduction in 1241: Bailu Zhou high school was founded in 1241, formerly known as egret Zhou academy. Although after renamed times change, but here is still running, string pillar chanting incessant, for our country the longest continuous history of middle school at the site. History: the Bai egret Chau middle school is the alma mater of Wen Tianxiang, a national hero. Although after renamed times change, but here is still running, string pillar chanting incessant, for our country the longest continuous history of middle school at the site. The profound cultural background and the glorious tradition of running a school are the unique treasure of the people of the heron Chau, which has nearly 800 years of history. One in Guixi (829 years) Xiangshan academy created: 1187 predecessor: Introduction: the first middle school of Jiangxi city in Guixi province is located in the south of Guixi city are emerging, is a garden style campus. Guixi one middle school is one of the four famous academies in the Southern Song Dynasty, one of the Xiangshan Academy. History: the predecessor of Guixi is the Xiangshan Academy (1187), one of the four famous academies in the Southern Song Dynasty. The Southern Song set four years Tixing Yuan Guangwei Jiangdong relocation in the Tianshan Vihara, before and after the 350 calendar years, is the most prosperous period of Xiangshan academy. The first middle school in Guixi, founded in 1945, is the longest middle school in Yingtan. The school was approved by the people’s Government of Jiangxi Province as the provincial key middle school in 1980, and it has been more than 800 years old. Ningdu middle school (103 years old), formerly the ninth school in Jiangxi Province in 1913 to create: Introduction: Ningdu middle school was founded in 1913, 1980 as the first batch of 18 key middle school, is a centuries old provincial outstanding key middle school, one of the 2004 list of 54, 5 key construction quality of key senior high school. In 2007, it was designated as the "Jiangxi new curriculum experimental sample school". History: the school since the school has trained more than 40 thousand junior and senior middle school graduates, the resumption of college entrance examination in 1977, transporting more than 20 thousand freshmen for all levels of colleges and universities, of which 16 people admitted to the Tsinghua University, Peking University, 18. From 1992 to 2001, the school has created a brilliant achievement in the number of colleges and universities at all levels in the city’s key middle schools for ten consecutive years. Wanzai middle school (109 years) predecessor: Dragon River academy and Dragon River School created: 1907 introduction: Wanzai middle school is the key middle schools in Jiangxi Province, is located in the territory of Jiangxi Province, Yichun Wanzai county middle school in 2007, Wanzai usher in their Centennial, the excellent educational tradition by the people of praise. History: Wanzai middle school was founded in 1907 (Guangxu 33 years), formerly known as the Dragon School College and the long river in the river. In 1936 the government of Jiangxi Province, Dongzhou Dragon River middle school and primary schools merged into junior high school occupation "Wanzai county". In 1943, high school, renamed as "Jiangxi province Wanzai middle school". Over the past hundred years, change school 10 times, migration site 6 times, after the new Chinese was established, especially the more than 20 years of reform and opening up, the old students Wanzai vitality, Spring is in the air. High middle school (109 years) predecessor: create a school: 1907: Rui state with a long history of high school in Jiangxi Province, the campus beautiful environment, complete facilities, strong teachers, teaching excellence. History: 100 years, school number three fall, the ten move, all the achievements of countless magnificence, only Jun Yanshuo’s dream, talent dream, cultivate the former director of the Political Department of the Whampoa  military academy, revolutionary Xiong Xiong, mathematician, educator, former vice president of Beijing Normal University Fu Zhongsun, one of the founders of modern physics, Chinese original China science vice president Wu Youxun, former People’s Republic of China Vice Minister of foreign trade Jia Shi and a large number of students, outstanding national elite. Nanchang Yuzhang school (109 years): formerly run by the Church of Nanchang private middle school founded: 1907 Yuzhang introduction: Nanchang Yuzhang middle school is Nanchang Education Bureau directly under the full-time high school, a long history of hundred schools. In January 2007, the city government of Nanchang was awarded the "Nanchang famous school". In 2009, it was approved by the Jiangxi provincial government as the key middle school of Jiangxi province. History: Yuzhang high school is one of the oldest famous middle school in Nanchang City, was founded in 1907, formerly known as Nanchang City Private Yuzhang middle school, church run in 1952, the people’s government took over the school, its name several times, in 1958 for the seventh middle school of Nanchang City, Nanchang City in 1991 to resume the Yuzhang school. Nanchang one middle school (115 years) predecessor: Jiangxi Great Hall Building: 1901 introduction: Nanchang No.1 middle school is the first public school in Jiangxi. As a hundred years old school, through the wind and rain, several changes, in 1953 formally renamed the first middle school in Nanchang. History: the first middle school in Nanchang was built in the twenty-seven year of Qing Guangxu (1901 AD), which was reorganized by the provincial capital Academy in Jiangxi. In the past century, Nanchang one has experienced three kinds of social types, two new and old societies, which have gone through the vicissitudes of the wind and the wind, and have nurtured numerous outstanding talents. Nanchang II (115 years) predecessor: Xin Yuan school: 1901: the second middle school of Nanchang city is the first batch of Jiangxi Province demonstration senior high school, Jiangxi province is the national civilized unit, harmonious and civilized schools, the education system in Jiangxi province advanced collective. History: Nanchang City second middle school founded in 1901 (Guangxu twenty-seven years), the beginning of a "happy English school"; in 1903, changed to "Nanchang private school English Xiong Xin Yuan"; in 1907, renamed the "school" in 1912, Xinyuan; renamed "Nanchang school" in September 1949 far Xiongshi private heart; second, renamed Jiangxi provincial union high school; in 1953, renamed the second middle school of Nanchang city. Nanchang third (114 years) predecessor: prefectural Hongdu academy created: 1902 introduction: Nanchang city third middle school is a provincial and municipal outstanding key middle school, founded in 1902 (Guangxu twenty-eight years). 1953 is more of the present name. History: Nanchang is a hundred year famous school and a provincial key middle school in Nanchang city. It has a long history of running a school. Used the names "Nanchang house Hongdu school, Nanchang nine county public Hongdu middle school and the Nanchang city high school, in 1953 changed its name to" Nanchang III ", still in use. The school has been rated as the "national red flag school" for eight years, and shares the reputation of "the four South Three North" with the fourth of Beijing. Nanchang ten (114) predecessor: Nanchang Bao Ling female academy created: 1902 introduction: Nanchang ten is a century old school, in 1961 named the tenth Middle School of Nanchang city. Nanchang ten in Jiangxi province in 1978 as the first batch of key middle school, Jiangxi Province in 1994 was named the outstanding key middle school, 2003 by the Nanchang Municipal People’s government as the first batch of Nanchang city schools, is the advanced school of the national education system. History: 1981, Nanchang ten proposed "education reform, scientific research school, the first school in the" sub unit training "language proficiency test. From 1984 to 1987, the school assumed the central Jiaoke national junior middle school mathematics teaching experiment training, which makes Nanchang ten in Jiangxi province has become the first undertaken by the national task test school, at the time of education in Jiangxi province has aroused a great shock. One in Shangrao (114 years) Shangrao Xinjiang Academy predecessor: create: 1902 introduction: Shangrao city first middle school is a full-time senior high school in Jiangxi Province, the first batch of outstanding key middle school, modern education technology demonstration school in Jiangxi Province, the national Ministry of Education Experimental School of modern educational technology, green schools in Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi province moral education demonstration school Jiangxi Province, traditional sports school. History: Shangrao city first middle school is the earliest universities in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, is the European wind blowing, the product of schooling yucai. More than one hundred years, the school trained a large number of outstanding talents for the country, the revolutionary pioneers: Shao Shiping, the famous scientist Zhou Hangjian metallurgy, academician Huang Jiasi, Liu Youmei, Cheng Shujun, writer and poet Chen Yunhe, Lin Yu, National Excellent Communist Party member Xu Xiaogang, China’s own culture first, Dr. Huang Zhaoshang, Dr. Liu Rihe, of Harvard, the famous film star Chen Hong is an outstanding representative of them. Nancheng a (114 years): create a school built in the county formerly: 1902: Jiangxi province Nancheng is located in the southeast of the show in Magu mountain, the beautiful Xu water lake, is a senior high school history, school effectiveness was 100 years. History: Nancheng was founded in the 28 years of the Qing Dynasty, in 28 years (1939), easy to access its Nancheng county junior high school; in 1954 it was renamed as Jiangxi provincial Nancheng middle school, and started to become Fuzhou area high school, second high schools. In 1979, it was renamed the first middle school of Nancheng County, Jiangxi province. In 1980, it was listed as the key middle school of Jiangxi province. In 1996, it was appraised as the outstanding key middle school of Jiangxi province. Yichun high school (114 years) predecessor: Yuanzhou school building: 1902 introduction: Yichun middle school is located in the first batch of eco cities in the country and the Fifth National Peasant Games held in Jiangxi Yichun, which was built in the early twentieth Century. History: Yichun middle school since 1902, Zhao from Yuanzhou, site is located at the Tang Dynasty writer Han Yu founder of the Changli academy. From Changli academy to the Yuanzhou middle school, from the test site to shed new Fang temple, Conghua foothills rock to jujube village, Yuan Shan although several relocation, despite wind and rain, but never gave up, the rapid development of. In 1974, the school was officially named "Yichun middle school in Jiangxi province" and has been used to this day. Pingxiang middle school (114 years) predecessor: Ao Zhou academy created: 1902 introduction: Jiangxi province Pingxiang middle school in Jiangxi province is outstanding key middle school, located west of Pingxiang Ao hill, and the ripples of Lushui off the southwest. The school is known as "cultural Ganxi Fort Lushui reputation knowledge cradle". Formerly known as the "Wanzhou academy" in Ming Dynasty, it is one of the earliest modern public schools in China. It is also one of the first nine secondary schools in China. History: the Pingxiang middle school in Jiangxi province entered "the famous school of Chinese middle school" in 1991 and was awarded the title of "excellent key middle school" in Jiangxi Province in 1995. Over the past hundred years, although the name has changed to "Pingxiang public school", "Pingxiang Zhongshan school", "Pingxiang County School", "Pingxiang city first middle school", but the full-time ordinary high school system has been followed so far. Shangrao County Middle School (114 years) predecessor: create a school GITIC: in 1902: Shangrao county middle school is a key middle schools in Jiangxi Province, was founded in 1902 in Shangrao City, the original Xinjiang college site, Xinjiang Academy is the oldest institution of northeast jiangxi. In 1983 the school moved to the town with the county government Man Shan xiang. History: twenty-eight years of the Qing Dynasty (1902), Xinjiang Academy was renamed the school so far in guangxin. In 1912, the school was renamed Xin Jiang Guangxin school. The autumn of 1914, the provincial government to close the letter, Hu fourth normal normal, because not to close the letter. The spring of 1916, said the county seven simultaneous recalibration Guangxin Xinjiang Middle school. In 1919, it was renamed the province of Xinjiang Middle School. In the autumn of 1922, it was renamed the tenth middle school in Jiangxi province. Poyang middle school (114 years) predecessor: create a school in 1902: Rao state of Jiangxi province Poyang middle school was founded in 1902, the school is located in the beautiful scenery of the Raohe River, west of Poyang County in the slope, May 27, 1992, approved by the Poyang Provincial Education Commission as the provincial key middle school secondary recovery. History: Poyang middle school history is long, the culture is flourishing, pass the torch to the five generation, ten by name. The new China first chemical minister Peng Tao once attended, the former Politburo Standing Committee, the Commission Secretary Wu Guanzheng, 1959 from here to the mathematical chemistry score was admitted to the Tsinghua University, Shiping China Academy of engineering, Central Committee, deputy secretary of the CPC Hebei provincial Party committee, Huang Dingyuan, Chen Xuanda, Liu de Peng Dingan, a large number of scientists and government officials, the experts and scholars, celebrities are registered in the negative period, Wei Yucheng. In different historical periods, a batch of outstanding talents have been trained for the motherland and the people. Fuzhou one middle school (115 years) predecessor: Xinglu academy founded: introduction in 1901: Nanchang No. 1 middle school was built in the twenty-seven years of Qing Guangxu (AD 1901), and the Jiangxi school was reorganized by provincial capital Academy. Nanchang City, the first secondary school formerly known as the Nanchang first union middle school, its present name in 1953, is the first public high school in Jiangxi province. History: the school originated from the Xinglu academy, which was founded by the famous Song Dynasty writer Zeng Gong of the Song Dynasty in the middle of the Eleventh Century. Known as the "cradle of talent" and "junior college" cradle "East Jiangxi education" Pearl "Linchuan talent source and reputation. Zhangshu middle school (115 years) predecessor: Linjiang government official school established: introduction in 1901: Zhangshu middle school was founded in 1901, and in 1940 it was called Jiangxi Zhangshu middle school. 1953, approved by the State Ministry of education, identified as one of four national key schools in Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi province in 1978 was listed as one of the province’s Education Department of the first batch of 19 key middle school, the first in 1994 to assess acceptance by the provincial key middle school, won the "Jiangxi Province outstanding key middle school" said no.. History: Jiangxi province camphor middle school was founded in 27 years of the Qing Dynasty (1901 AD), the site in the Linjiang Town contains ru. In thirteen years (1924 AD), moved to the current site in Zhangshu City East Gate Jade Spring mountain (No. 3 this Yaodu North Road). The names of the official Linjiang palace founded in school, have been renamed provincial (thirteen in the first year, in 1912, twelve (provincial) in twelve years, in 1923), the provincial nine (in the sixteen years of the Republic of China, 1927). In the twenty-nine year of the Republic of China (1940 AD), it was named as Jiangxi Zhangshu middle school. Jiujiang middle school with the predecessor (149 years): the private middle school with the private school and Confucian Li creation: 1867, 1873: middle school with the middle school with the (also known as Jiujiang, the second middle school of Jiujiang), is a famous school in Jiangxi of Jiujiang province. History: Jiujiang Tong Wen middle school enjoys the reputation of "famous schools in the south of the Yangtze River". In the past 149 years, Tong Wen middle school has trained a large number of outstanding talents for the state, including the proletarian revolutionist Fang Zhimin. One in Ganzhou (118 years) to create the school formerly: 1898 introduction: the first middle school in Ganzhou was the highest school in Jiangxi Province, July 1953 was approved as one of the thirty schools in the national Ministry of education key link, in 1995 was named "Jiangxi Province outstanding key middle school". History: Ganzhou No. 1 middle school is an outstanding key middle school with 117 years’ history of running a school. Founded in 1898, he was the highest school in Gannan, and was approved as one of the thirty middle schools in China in July 1953. In 1995, she was selected as the "excellent key middle school in Jiangxi". Since its inception, 58 people were admitted to Peking University, Tsinghua University, Hongkong University, Chinese University Hong Kong, 29 people received the college entrance examination provincial champion, tens of thousands of people admitted to colleges and universities, general Chen Qihan, Guo, Huang Kezhi, Lin Gao vigorously, Zhang Jia et al four academicians from here to start. The school has received nearly 200 national, provincial and municipal honors. Yongxin Ren Bishi middle school (204 years): Wo Chuan school predecessor: 1812 introduction: Ren Bishi middle school in accordance with the requirements of the provincial key middle school, three years of junior high school began to peel in 1999, the only high school, a total of 54 classes, about 2700 students in the school. History: his middle school’s history can be traced back to the Qing Jiaqing seventeen years, in the current middle school when the school created a selection of Bute scholar Kao peng. 1921 Yongxin community leaders Xiao Huijin on the basis of established Wo Sichuan middle school. In July 1949, the Yongxin middle school, the four – dimensional middle school and the Southern China middle school were merged into the Yongxin union middle school on the basis of the He Chuan middle school. In 1950, the provincial government, approved by the provincial government, was named the Yongxin high school in Jiangxi province. In 1959, it was determined by the Education Department of Jiangxi Province as the provincial key middle school. In August 7, 1984, it was proposed by Wang Zhen, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice chairman of the State Council. On April 1985 3, approved by the Jiangxi Provincial People’s government, it decided to name it as Comrade Ren Bishi, a proletarian revolutionist, and renamed Yongxin middle school as Ren Bishi middle school. In 2003, it was appraised by Jiangxi provincial education department as a modern educational technology demonstration school. Source a little Jiangxi

江西最古老的22所中学一览 你的母校上榜没?   来源:“头条江西”公众号   在漫长的历史长河中,或许一百年只是短短的一瞬,但对于一所学校而言,一百年记录了岁月的沧桑,铭记了自豪和骄傲,寄托着深情与期望。   一说起百年名校,大部分人第一反应就是大学,其实江西也有这样22所中学,更有甚者,最年长学校历史已近千年,不仅孕育了一批批优秀人才,更是见证了,江西从古至今的历史,今天,小编就来带你看看,江西这些建校百年以上的中学有哪些~   (以下排名不分先后)   九江一中(955年)   前身:濂溪书院   创建:1061年   创建:江西省九江第一中学(简称九江一中)是江西省优秀重点中学;1957年被定为“江西省重点中学”;2000年11月,被授予“全国现代教育实验学校”称号。   历史:九江一中享有“千载学府、百年名校”美誉,间接历史近千年;正式立校于1902年,直接历史114年。2011年九江一中八里湖校区落成并投入使用,九江一中跨入了“一校两区”时代,这所学校历史已近千年。   吉安白鹭洲中学(775年)   前身:白鹭洲书院   创建:1241年   简介: 白鹭洲中学创建于1241年,前身为白鹭洲书院。后虽几经易名,时代变迁,但此地依然为办学砥柱、弦诵不绝,为我国在原址上连续办学历史最长的中学。   历史:白鹭洲中学是民族英雄文天祥的母校。后虽几经易名,时代变迁,但此地依然为办学砥柱、弦诵不绝,为我国在原址上连续办学历史最长的中学。深厚的文化底蕴,光荣的办学传统,是鹭洲人特有的宝贵财富,至今已近800年的历史。   贵溪一中(829年)   前身:象山书院   创建:1187年   简介:江西省贵溪市第一中学坐落在新兴铜都贵溪市城南,是一座园林式校园。贵溪一中前身是南宋著名四大书院之一的象山书院。   历史:贵溪一中前身是南宋著名四大书院之一的象山书院(1187年)。南宋绍定四年江东提刑袁广微应天山精舍迁建于此,前后历350年,是象山 书院最为鼎盛时期。现制贵溪市第一中学创办于1945年,是鹰潭市办学历史最长的中学。学校1980年被江西省人民政府批准为省重点中学,至今已有超过 800年的历史。   宁都中学(103年历史)   前身:江西省立第九中学   创建:1913年   简介:宁都中学创办于1913年,1980年列为全省首批18所重点中学之一,是一所传承百年的省级优秀重点中学,2004年列为省54所、市5所重点建设的优质重点高中之一。2007年定为“江西省新课程实验样本学校”。   历史:办校以来,学校共培养了4万多名初、高中毕业生,1977年恢复高考后,为各级高校输送了2万多名新生,其中考入清华大学16人,北京大学18人。学校曾在1992年至2001年创造过连续十年升入各级高校人数位居全市重点中学第一的辉煌成绩。   万载中学(109年)   前身:龙河书院和龙河中学堂   创建:1907年   简介:万载中学是江西省重点中学,位于江西省宜春市万载县境内,2007年,万载中学迎来自己的百年校庆,其优良的教育传统受到了人民的称赞。   历史:万载中学始建于1907年(清光绪33年),前身为龙河书院和龙河中学堂。1936年奉江西省政府令,将龙河中学、东洲初级职业中学合并 为“万载县初级中学”。1943年,增设高中,改称为“江西省万载中学”。近百年来,更改校名10次,迁移校址6次,新中国成立以后,尤其是改革开放二十 多年来,古老的万载中学生机勃勃,春意盎然。   高安中学(109年)   前身:瑞州府中学堂   创建:1907年   简介:江西省的一所具有悠久历史的高中校,校园环境优美,设施配套齐全,师资力量雄厚,教学成绩优秀。   历史:百年来,学校三落数起,十次搬迁,历尽铅华,成就了无数才俊彦硕的求学梦、成才梦,培育了原黄埔军校政治部主任、革命家熊雄,数学家、教 育家、原北京师范大学副校长傅仲孙,中国近代物理学奠基者之一、原中国科学院副院长吴有训,原中华人民共和国对外经济贸易部副部长贾石等一大批佼佼学子、 民族精英。   南昌豫章中学(109年)   前身:教会办的南昌私立豫章中学   创建:1907年   简介:南昌市豫章中学是南昌市教育局直属全日制完全中学,一所历史悠久的百年名校。2007年1月被南昌市政府授予“南昌市名校”。2009年被江西省政府批准为江西省重点中学。   历史:豫章中学是南昌市历史最悠久的著名中学之一,创办于1907年,前身为教会办的南昌市私立豫章中学,1952年,人民政府接管学校,几易其名,1958年名为南昌市第七中学,1991年恢复为南昌市豫章中学。   南昌一中(115年)   前身:江西大学堂   创建:1901年   简介:南昌市第一中学是江西省第一所公办学校。作为一所百年老校,历经风雨,几经变迁,于1953年正式改名为南昌市第一中学。   历史:南昌市第一中学始建于清光绪二十七年(公元1901年)由省会书院改组而成的江西大学堂。一个世纪以来,南昌一中经历了三种社会类型,新旧两个社会,历尽风雨沧桑,也培育了无数优秀人才。   南昌二中(115年)   前身:心远中学   创建:1901年   简介:南昌市第二中学是首批江西省示范普通高中,也是江西省文明单位、全国和谐文明学校、江西省教育系统先进集体。   历史:南昌市第二中学创建于1901年(清光绪二十七年),初名“乐群英文学堂”;1903年,改为“南昌熊氏私立心远英文学塾”;1907 年,改名为“心远中学堂”;1912年,易名为“南昌熊氏私立心远中学校”;1949年9月,改名为江西省立第二联合中学;1953年,更名为南昌市第二 中学。   南昌三中(114年)   前身:府立洪都书院   创建:1902年   简介:南昌市第三中学是一所省、市优秀重点中学,创办于1902年(光绪二十八年)。1953年更为今名。   历史:南昌三中是一所百年名校,也是一所位于南昌市区的省级优秀重点中学,有着悠久的办学历史。曾用校名“南昌府洪都中学堂”、“南昌九县公立 洪都中学”、“南昌市立中学”,1953年更名为“南昌三中”,沿用至今。学校曾连续八年被评为“全国红旗学校”,与北京四中共享“南三北四”的美誉。   南昌十中(114年)   前身:南昌葆灵女子书院   创建:1902年   简介:南昌十中是一所具有百年历史的学校,1961年定名为南昌市第十中学。南昌十中1978年评为江西省首批重点中学,1994年被评为江西省优秀重点中学,2003年被南昌市人民政府评为南昌市首批名校,是全国教育系统先进学校。   历史:1981年,南昌十中提出“教育改革、科研兴校”,在学校首先进行了“语文能力分项单元训练”试验。1984年至1987年,学校承担了 中央教科所全国初中数学教材试验训练,这使南昌十中成为江西省第一所承担国家级课题试验的学校,当时在江西省教育界引起了极大的震动。   上饶一中(114年)   前身:上饶信江书院   创建:1902年   简介:上饶市第一中学是一所全日制高级中学,江西省首批优秀重点中学,江西省现代教育技术示范学校,国家教育部现代教育技术实验学校,江西省绿色学校,江西省德育工作示范学校,江西省体育传统项目学校。   历史:上饶市第一中学是赣东北最早学府,是清末欧风东渐,兴学育才的产物。一百余年来,学校为国家培养了一大批杰出的人才:革命先驱者黄道、邵 式平,著名冶金科学家周行健,两院院士黄家驷、刘友梅、程书钧,作家林予,诗人陈运和,全国优秀共产党员徐效刚,我国自己培养的首批博士黄朝商,,哈佛博 士刘日河,,著名影视明星陈红,就是他们之中杰出的代表。   南城一中(114年)   前身:建郡中学堂   创建:1902年   简介:江西省南城一中位于秀出东南的麻姑山下、风光迤逦的盱水之滨,是一所具有百年历史、办学效益显著的高级中学。   历史:南城一中始建于清光绪28年,民国28年(1939年),易址创办南城县立初级中学;1954年更名为江西省立南城中学,并开始创办高 中,成为抚州地区第二所完全中学。1979年更名为江西省南城县第一中学。1980年被列为江西省重点中学,1996年被评为江西省优秀重点中学。   宜春中学(114年)   前身:袁州中学堂   创建:1902年   简介: 宜春中学坐落于全国首批生态城市、第五届全国农民运动会举办地-江西宜春,始建于20世纪初。   历史:宜春中学自1902年肇起于袁州,校址设于唐代大文豪韩愈创办的昌黎书院。从昌黎书院到袁州中学堂,从考棚旧址到新坊庙宇,从化成岩山麓到袁山枣树村,虽栉风沐雨,几度迁建,然弦歌不辍,发展迅速。1974年学校正式定名为“江西省宜春中学”并一直沿用至今。   萍乡中学(114年)   前身:鳌洲书院   创建:1902年   简介:江西省萍乡中学是江西省优秀重点中学,地处萍乡西城鳌头山上,渌水荡漾过此而折向西南。学校素有“赣西文化堡垒,渌水知识摇篮”之美誉。前身为明万历年间的鳌洲书院,系中国创办最早的现代公立学校之一,也是中国最早的具有保送资格的九所中学之一。   历史:江西省萍乡中学1991年录入《中国中学名校》,1995年被授予江西省“优秀重点中学”称号。近百年来,校名虽先后改为“萍乡公立中学”、“萍乡中山学校”、“萍乡县立中学校”、“萍乡市第一中学”等,但全日制普通中学建制一直沿袭至今。   上饶县中学(114年)   前身:广信中学堂   创建:1902年   简介:上饶县中学是江西省重点中学,于1902年创建于上饶市原信江书院旧址,信江书院是赣东北的最早学府。1983年学校随县政府搬迁至旭日镇馒山巷。   历史:清光绪二十八年(1902年),信江书院改称广信中学堂迄今。1912年,广信中学堂更名为信江中学校。1914年秋,省府欲合信中、鹅 湖师范为第四师范,信中因不从而停办。1916年春,复校称广信七县联立信江中学。1919年,改称省立代用信江中学。1922年秋,改称江西省立第十中 学。   鄱阳中学(114年)   前身:饶州府中学堂   创建:1902年   简介:江西省鄱阳中学始创于1902年,学校坐落在风景秀丽的饶河河畔,鄱阳县城西高门坡上,1992年5月2 7日,省教委批准鄱阳中学恢复为省重点中学。   历史:鄱阳中学校史悠久,人文鼎盛,传薪五代,十易其名。新中国首任化工部长彭涛曾在此就读,原中共中央政治局常委、中纪委书记吴官 正,1959年从这里以数理化三科满分考入清华大学,中国工程院院士石屏,中央候补委员、中共河北省委副书记刘德旺、黄定元、陈选达、彭定安等一一大批科 学家和党政要员、专家学者、社会名流均负籍于期,伟器玉成。在各个不同历史时期,为祖国和人民培养了一批又一批杰出人才。   抚州一中(115年)   前身:兴鲁书院   创建:1901年   简介:南昌市第一中学始建于清光绪二十七年(公元1901年),由省会书院改组而成的江西大学堂。南昌市第一中学前身为南昌第一联合中学,1953年更为现名,是江西省第一所公办中学。   历史:学校源于11世纪中期的宋代著名文学家曾巩创办的兴鲁书院。素有“才子摇篮”“少年大学生摇篮”“赣东教育明珠”“临川才子之源”等称誉。   樟树中学(115年)   前身:临江府官立中学堂   创建:1901年   简介:樟树中学创办于1901年,1940年定名为江西省樟树中学。1953年经国家教育部批准,确定为江西省的四所全国重点中学之 一,1978年又被江西省教育厅列为全省首批19所重点中学之一,1994年首批通过省重点中学评估验收,荣获“江西省优秀重点中学”称号。   历史:江西省樟树中学创办于清光绪27年(公元1901年),校址在临江镇茹真堂。民国十三年(公元1924年),迁至现校址樟树市东门玉泉山 (今药都北大道3号)。校名由创办时的临江府官立中学堂,相继更名为省立十三中(民国元年,公元1912年)、省立十二中(民国十二年,公元1923 年)、省立九中(民国十六年,公元1927年)。民国二十九年(公元1940年)定名为江西省樟树中学。   九江同文中学(149年)   前身:私立同文中学和私立儒励女子中学   创建:1867年、1873年   简介:同文中学,又名九江市同文中学(九江市第二中学),是江西省九江市的一所著名学校。   历史:九江市同文中学享有“江南名校”之美誉。149年来,同文中学为国家培养了大批杰出人才,其中有无产阶级革命家方志敏等。   赣州一中(118年)   原名:致用中学堂   创建:1898年   简介:赣州市第一中学曾是赣南的最高学校,1953年7月被批准为教育部重点联系的全国三十所中学之一,1995年被评为“江西省优秀重点中学”。   历史:赣州市第一中学是一所具有117年办学历史的省优秀重点中学。她创建于1898年,曾是赣南的最高学校,1953年7月被批准为教育部重 点联系的全国三十所中学之一,1995年被评为“江西省优秀重点中学”。自创办以来,有58人考入北京大学、清华大学、香港科大、香港中文大学,29人次 获高考省市区状元,数万人考入高等院校,陈奇涵将军,郭大力、黄克智、林皋、张家铝等四位院士就是从这里启航的。学校先后获得近200项国家、省、市荣 誉。   永新任弼时中学(204年)   前身:禾川中学   创建:1812年   简介:任弼时中学按照省重点中学的要求,于1999年开始分三年剥离初中,现只有高中部,共54个教学班,在校学生约2700人。   历史:任弼时中学的历史可以追溯到清嘉庆十七年,在现任弼时中学的校址创建了选拔秀才的考棚。1921年永新社会贤达肖辉锦在此基础上创办了禾 川中学。1949年7月以禾川中学为基础,将永新县中、四维中学、华南中学合并为永新联合中学。1950年,经省政府批准,定名为江西省立永新中 学,1959年被江西省教育厅确定为省重点中学。 1984年8月7日由原中共中央政治局委员、国家副主席王震提议,1985年4月3日经江西省人民政府批准,决定以无产阶级革命家任弼时同志的名字命名, 将永新中学更名为任弼时中学。2003年被江西省教育厅评为现代教育技术示范学校。   来源 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