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Travel-and-Leisure Turkey is a country boasting an almost unfair amount of historic treasures, and this is one if its most appealing aspects. You can visit many of these even if you stay in a beach resort like Lara Beach in Antalya. Lara transfer services will get you from your airport to your hotel in no time, then you can check out all of these historic attractions at your leisure. Termessos Termessos is located about 30 kilometres from Antalya. It is an ancient city that is remarkably well preserved, and it is one of the most impressive historic sites in the whole of Turkey, making it a very popular tourist destination for holidaymakers visiting the region. When you visit this ancient site you will be struck by how peaceful it is "" primarily because it is so isolated. You will have to walk for a couple of kilometres to reach the site, but the track is not too strenuous. Just be careful to take plenty of water and wear sunscreen. Once at the top, you will be rewarded with stunning views over the mountains. Walking around the ruins is fascinating, and the highlight is the amphitheatre. You may even want to take a picnic with you and make a whole day of it. Hierapolis When you visit Antalya, Lara transfer services are a good way to get to your hotel from the airport. Once you have arrived, you may want to put Hierapolis near the top of the list of things to see. This is another incredible archaeological site, surrounded by a spectacular landscape and breathtaking views. You could easily spend a whole day here exploring the ruins and soaking up the history; the hot springs here were used as long ago as two millennia. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of many in Turkey, and you will also be able to visit Pamukkale on your trip. The natural springs here form limestone formations, giving it the name of the Cotton Castle. Perge Perge was a very prosperous city many centuries ago, and it is another top attraction for visitors to Antalya. Lara transfer services can take you to your hotel, and after you arrive you can easily arrange a trip to this historic site. You will discover, amongst other things, a roman gate, an ancient amphitheatre, ancient baths and historic streets. It is all very well preserved, and you can easily spend hours wandering around and taking it all in. Discover Historic Turkey If you want to see all these historic attractions, and more besides, you will be able to do so when you visit Antalya. Lara transfer .panies will be on hand to provide you with your transfers to and from the airport, and once you arrive in your hotel you will have all the time you want to see these wonderful attractions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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