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DNF novel "the last apostle" in November 1st 8.2 on CGWR score card booking | novice Dungeon Fighter Online area DNF officially licensed novels, infinite flow volume of soil to the master — "the last apostle" in November 1st will be officially in the reading platform, shelves, plane adventure has set sail! "The last apostle" since July 23rd, DNF’s official website, Chinese net, creation Chinese starting point network, QQ read the whole network first more has attracted countless readers attention. November 1st in the reading platform, more exciting, the last apostle will be presented! The March update success "the last apostle" since July 23rd, DNF’s official website, Chinese net, creation Chinese starting point network, QQ read the whole network first, as of October 30th, exactly three months time, has accumulated 406 thousand and 100 hits total update number, reached 1 million 30 thousand and 200, the total number reached 643 thousand and 200 members recommended, click on the 29 thousand and 900 week. Has been occupying the popular headlines in the corresponding literature section, achieved good results. After three months of free chapters to read, the last apostle also homeopathy into the shelf process, will be officially opened in November 1st to read the article in the reading section. Numerous unanswered suspense novel, the story twists and turns countless unfolding, countless exciting battle will also order, the last one is the new shelves after "". Read the link: X real world adventure "the last apostle" tells the story of the young Du Yuqi was summoned to earth after the different world Arad adventure stories, the peculiar status of outsiders to go on both familiar and unfamiliar in the plane, a DNF familiar figure, scene and story time present, shrouded in the continent over the head of the clouds also loosened, who was the last Apostle who will rewrite the fate? In the novel, about DNF elements have emerged, such as Glen forest adventure begins like countless DNF old game player then enter the feeling of the game, such as the battle after jumping skills as well as those years continue to try hard, it is the battle of DNF experience for DNF enthusiasts to watch the official DNF novel A sense of substitution. At the same time, a fresh occupation in the novel stage, like the occupation course of DNF game player himself, is very cordial and epic. Three posters presented in "the last of the world" in formal reading platform on the occasion, the official with the content of the novel but also carefully launched three boutique posters, with a strong sense of the picture KV to depict the different world in the novel the wonderful and unique. The first KV, holding a long sword hero and thin goblin beikaozhuobei, facing the Catwoman pour in other monsters, in the gloomy sky, in the face of tight encirclement and A fighting spirit soars aloft. What is the story will be burdened with the mystery cloud protagonist and is considered weak small goblin match together? How is the enemy will make the odd combination become "the last apostle" a theme of KV? As can be seen in the novel, the old.相关的主题文章:

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