Do not let the children become introverted introverted, and you should be grateful to the child –

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Do not be silly to let the child into an extrovert, you should be grateful to the child – the mother of the Sohu, said the original, reproduced please mark the source you will feel that the child is not good? Are you worried about your child’s introversion? Do you think of ways to make your introverted children more outgoing? To tell you the truth, all you do is wrong. Small Mu mother is I have seen the most outgoing mother, but she has an introverted son small mu, every person who has been to her home will feel small Mu this child introverted, quiet, polite. The other kids play together in the chattering, but his love sat watching fiddling with his comic book, small toys. Small Mu mother upset the child’s personality, thought that the child is not gregarious, is not conducive to children’s communication. So every weekend, holidays, small Mu mother will take a small Mu visit friends, let small mu with other children climb mountains, do the game, and even forced small mu in front of the public performance, singing. But the move of the small Mu mother mad, small mu or simply don’t open mouth, or stand motionless, and often hide in the toilet. After a toss up, not only did not become small Mu outgoing, but also become inferior. Because all the adults want him to be outgoing, but every time he deliberately want to be a little bit lively will be very awkward. So that when people say that he will be introverted when his head, he did not know why he can not become as lively as other children. Parents often leave a message saying that their children at home, asking how to change the child’s introverted personality. See from between the lines, the values they think inward is not good. Children say that this is actually a reminder of the social characteristics of introverted personality. Introversion is innate temperament of the angel sent to God in the world, he divided the children into two categories, one is export-oriented, brought to the world of joy; one is introverted, brought to the world peace. That is to say, within a "brought from the womb" personality temperament, and will not increase with age and change the nature of. Of course, do not rule out severe mental frustration after the self closure, which is generally rare in children. Professor Carle, a professor of Neurology at the Harvard University, Professor Schwartz, said that those who showed shy and introverted children at the age of 2, even when they were 18 years old, had an introverted personality. Eysenck, a British psychologist, has also found that there are biological differences between children who are extroverted and introverted. Introverted children, their cerebral cortex more high level of consciousness, namely, introverted children to external stimuli will make more sensitive, they do not need to do too much work, can make the brain in high operation. A strong inward twist of the child into the consequences of introversion introversion is a kind of personality characteristics, no matter good or bad, we are also common in the daily life of a lot of introverted people, but their character is very good. Introverted children born alone, know how to abide by the rules, more care about the feelings of others, love to listen, worthy of dependence, a rich inner life, patience, careful, serious and responsible…… However, if the parents of the child’s introversion, by forcing children to communicate around the world to try to reverse the child’s personality.相关的主题文章:

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