Do you believe that there is a kind of person in the world who can make a friend a villain. hypersnap-dx

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Do you believe that there is a kind of person in the world who can make a friend a villain?". Source: read 1 in our impression, Zhang Han is a particularly good man – working in top consulting firms, decent work income is high, people never get angry, the key of refined and cultured, it’s mrs.. But Zhang Han’s wife is a "Shrew", they know people say he is henpecked". Mrs Zhang Han was fat, and her face was so angry that she looked very ferocious". A lot of people privately for Zhang Han baobuping, some people even said that if Zhang Han find a mistress kick wife, they will only applaud him, not for his wife. It is said that Zhang Han and his wife are university students, young lady looks very beautiful, is one of the five golden flowers in the department. After getting dirty, but after marriage her body began to get fat, and a hair get out of hand, temper like a size bigger. Zhang Han overtime, travel, travel to work overtime every lady phone constantly, "Zhang Han we only hear the telephone that head hmmmph" me, hands still busy working, perfunctory to call back soon after a few words, the voice is more and more big, everybody knows, Zhang Mrs. Han began to quarrel. Zhang Han is particularly active at work, always rushing to travel, overtime, probably do not want to go home in the face of aggressive wife. Occasionally, and colleagues in the outside to drink, chat the family is about to speak, but saying nothing heave great sighs. Friends know about his wife’s aggressive — Zhang Han had not come home late at night, or even friends called Mrs. Zhang Han; not just to bring friends home to play, otherwise turned home than dead person still ugly. Some particularly good friends and Zhang Han even quietly hinted Zhang Han divorce forget. 2 however, Zhang Han has not filed for divorce, the wife raised. The reason is very simple, the two character. Zhang Han is said to have been struggling for some time, but the wife of the iron heart to divorce. Everyone around you to encourage Zhang Han – definitely find a better than her condition, she left you never find better than you, in a few years she cried. See the wife does not intend to change mind, to persuade people around plus, Zhang Han also figured out, soon two people divorce. Two people do not have children, married property semi split, and soon solved. After Zhang Han’s recovery, friends began to help him. Zhang Hanchang was a good, high income, blind girl in a continuous line. In less than a year, Zhang Han was with a girl named Xiao tan. Xiao Tan is eight years younger than Zhang Han, quiet and beautiful, the key is she is full of worship of Zhang han. And Xiao Tan together, Zhang Han felt the "superiority", two people together, Zhang Han uncharacteristically "words", every time I look at a small tan face to worship, Zhang Han wanted to tell her about his "life experience". In less than a year, the two married. In marriage, the most toxic is the companion of Lovers 3 of Zhang Han’s ex-wife divorced shortly after the marriage, is said to each other is a college teacher, about sociology, irritable temper. Two temper bursts相关的主题文章:

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