Dongting Lake shout thirsty! The water level dropped by 0.3 meters to 0.5 meters every day-brock lesnar

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Dongting Lake cries thirsty"! The water level decreased by 0.3 per day to 0.5 meters of the original title: "where" Dongting Lake "shouted thirsty Hunan daily news September 16th Dongting Lake water level continued to decline this year, the lake water is a foregone conclusion. According to the Provincial Hydrological Bureau news, 19 o’clock today, Dongting Lake Chenglingji station water level 23.46 meters, the average value of 4.88 meters lower than the same period over the same period, 4.10 meters lower than the same period in 2015. Fourteenth this year, super typhoon "Meranti" did not bring the expected heavy rainfall. Compared with the same period of the calendar year average, the Yangtze River into the Dongting Lake three port (Songzi port, taipingkou, ouchikou) and Xiang, Zi, yuan, Li four water flow into the Dongting Lake is greatly reduced, especially the Ouchi River, Kang Jia Gang several sites have been drying up. At 20 o’clock today, the flow of three outlets of four water into the lake is 2640 cubic meters per second, and the output of the lake is 5120 cubic meters per second. Dongting Lake "can not make ends meet", the water level dropped 0.3 meters to 0.5 meters per day. Analysis of the Provincial Hydrological Bureau, as the latter had no greater rainfall, to the end of September, Chenglingji station water level will slow down to 20.5 meters, the situation will be more intense in the Dongting Lake water. Since September 10th, the Three Gorges Reservoir began to test 175 meters of water in 2016, and the flow of the three Dongting Lake into the Yangtze River may be further reduced. Due to the recent low rainfall in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the Three Gorges reservoir inflow is relatively low, resulting in the slow progress of the Three Gorges reservoir. Today 14, the flow of the Three Gorges reservoir is only 11800 cubic meters per second, the outbound flow of 10200 cubic meters per second, the Three Gorges dam water level 150.24 meters, only in September 10th rose by more than 3 meters. (Hunan Daily reporter Liu Dexin)

洞庭湖“喊渴”!水位每天下降0.3米至0.5米原标题:“入不敷出”,洞庭湖“喊渴”湖南日报9月16日讯 洞庭湖水位持续走低,今年湖区枯水已成定局。据省水文局消息,今天19时,洞庭湖城陵矶站水位23.46米,比历年同期均值偏低4.88米,比2015年同期偏低4.10米。今年第14号超强台风“莫兰蒂”没有带来预期的较大降雨。与历年同期均值相比,长江入洞庭湖的三口(松滋口、太平口、藕池口)及湘、资、沅、澧四水入洞庭湖的流量大幅减少,特别是藕池河康家港等数个站点已经断流。今天20时,三口四水入湖流量2640立方米每秒,出湖流量5120立方米每秒。洞庭湖“入不敷出”,水位每天下降0.3米至0.5米。省水文局分析,后期如无较大降雨,至9月底,城陵矶站水位将缓慢降至20.5米左右,洞庭湖区用水形势将较为紧张。从9月10日起,三峡水库开始2016年175米试验性蓄水,长江三口入洞庭湖的流量可能进一步减少。由于近期长江上游降雨偏少,三峡水库入库流量相对偏枯,导致三峡水库蓄水进展缓慢。今天14时,三峡水库入库流量仅11800立方米每秒,出库流量10200立方米每秒,三峡坝前水位150.24米,仅比9月10日上升了3米多。(湖南日报 记者 柳德新)相关的主题文章:

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