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Don’t buy a car purchase, for fear of being super straight week berserk – Sohu technology this year, buy some reliable things is more and more difficult, not more expensive, is encountered such as purchase things, money can’t buy. However, with the rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, amazing things will be more and more, it is said that during the double eleven idle fish auction platform has a big promotion for the super straight week, not only the product price is very advantageous, even not the purchase of the garage, it is to let people eat a pound. Perfect combination of auction and direct free fish auction is Ali’s largest online auction platform, before the sound of the country’s Papi sauce advertising auction is from this team. From the point of nature "between supply and demand, supplying the most efficient; good goods pricing, the most efficient auction; and direct supply + Auction under the combined supply, directly from the source, not only cheap, and many are of particular value by auction to the highest bidder, the highest achievement of business efficiency, it is more suitable but the mode of operation of the. November 7th -11 month 11 days during the idle fish auction will force has brought together national skilled craftsmen, to create a "super straight for the week" for consumers, "direct supply + + Internet auction" change the business efficiency, help consumer choose to heart good goods, from shopping without detours". These five days, a total industry with direct supply, direct supply, Master builders direct supply, direct supply industry and brand for the 5 characteristics of the venue, plus star possession, tea and wine tonic, jade jewelry, luxury and a total of 13 sectors of the venue, a total of more than 30000 pieces of goods, from No. 1 to preview No. 6 can see, or very high quality products, and usually is not a good buy. Industry direct supply, direct supply of direct supply and fidelity Baopei industry not only by merchants, but the auction idle fish has a special team responsible for the layers of the audit, to ensure the quality of products and sources, the general consumer category also difficult to distinguish the field, including mahogany furniture, teapot, jade and so on, are some inherent cultural heritage special products, most people buy online is easy to drill. So in addition to personally review, put forward "industry with direct supply source of direct supply, fidelity Baopei claims, formed a scale of hundreds of millions of claims fund products, fake a lose three. So that consumers can rest assured that the purchase of these products on the internet. It is worth noting that these goods are for auction to deal with real special transaction determines the existence of a leak may, of course, may also be accidentally lost love. So, often go to the idle fish auction to see what the leak can be picked up, but also a very good hobby. Don’t buy a car purchase, exclusive leisure Star Limited auction took the most powerful place is more than 1 thousand national and local governments and courts and customs have very good cooperation in the auction platform, a large number of high-quality assets, such as the purchase of housing, with the car license plate, it is hard to imagine. An auction platform could play so much. From another point of view, which also purify the market, so that the pan government auction more transparent, so that people can also.相关的主题文章:

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