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Drunk woman lost brother denials to mobile phone mobile phone also channel network November 4th hearing (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Cai Xuewei correspondent (micro-blog) ke stress Lin Yi) lady who lives in Chengxiang District in the Putian forest had completely drunken, take a taxi to go home, the iPhone6 mobile phone in the car. Dial the phone has been turned off, she had to seek help from the police. Later, the police found the "elder brother", the other does not recognize picked up the mobile phone. Police in mastering the exact evidence, issued a final warning to the "elder brother", "elder brother" ultimately had to be returned to the owner of mobile phone. Dial the phone has been turned off at 1:50 on October 20th Xu, Ms. Lin and friends from the Chengxiang District of Lantau Peak street Louis bar out, take a taxi back to the home of literature road. The drunk off when he will be completely drunken, iPhone6 mobile phone left in the taxi. Get off did not take a few steps, Ms. Lin found that the phone is gone, immediately with a friend to call his cell phone number. At first, Ms. Lin made three calls, are no answer". The fourth time when she dialed phone came, "Hello, you dial the mobile phone has been shut down" speech. Since Ms. Lin has been unable to remember the license plate number of the taxi, day light, she rushed to the Lantau Peak police station for help. "Brother" to denials also according to the information provided by the mobile phone Ms. Lin, the Lantau Peak police station to find the hand immediately retrieved and view monitoring. Soon, find a hand lock when the taxi Ms. Lin. Immediately, the police contact with the taxi driver. Who, the driver has claimed that Ms. Lin did not find the phone, may be picked up by other passengers". In desperation, the police had to find the taxi to hand trajectory tracking, found the same day at 2 am 7 pm, the driver stopped at a traffic light for HD probe, turned to the back seat with a bright thing, the police judge this is Ms. Lin’s mobile phone, just happened reflective the situation. After mastering the relevant evidence, the police once again contact the taxi driver, told him that he had been looking at the process of picking up the phone, his behavior is illegal possession of other people’s property, will be on file for investigation. The police received the "ultimatum" shortly after the evening of October 22nd, the driver took the initiative to call the police station, said found Ms. Lin’s mobile phone and mobile phone, will be returned to ms.. (channel network) >相关的主题文章:

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