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During the national day, 19 cities introduced property control policy   restrictions on the purchase of credit as the core content – Hubei Channel – People’s original title: 19 city introduced the property market regulation policy "golden nine silver ten" occasion, many domestic successive introduction of the property market regulation new deal. From September 30th to October 6th, a total of 19 cities issued new property market regulation policies successively. Analysis of the industry, this is the beginning of a new round of tightening control, it is expected that this stock control tide will continue, "silver ten" turnover or will decline. Reporters combed found that during the national day, the introduction of the property market regulation and control policy content, although there are similarities and differences, but the core content is the purchase limit credit: – restriction. In the ten city in the current round of introduction of new regulation, basically involves the restart or expand the purchase, including Hefei, Nanjing restriction policy is very strict, local residence ban the purchase of third sets of new premises (the main transaction area); Suzhou to the administrative scope of the largest, under the jurisdiction of the Wujiang District, Kunshan City, Taicang city into the scope of the purchase. Limited loan. Carding many regulatory policies, common policies for the promotion of two suites down payment to 40% or 50%. Among them, Suzhou greater efforts, not only third sets of prohibited loans, two suites down payment (loan is not settled) also increased to 80%; Beijing further expanded the scope of two suites identified. Dai Yiyi, a professor of management at Xiamen University, believes that, to some extent, the madness of this market is inextricably linked to high leverage. Many land restriction, land policy and credit restriction policy are typical measures of deleveraging from both ends of supply and demand. Industry analysts believe that, from the focus of the introduction of policies, mainly in the second tier cities, and basic prices are higher cities. "Follow-up is expected to have more cities to upgrade the property market regulation policy."." Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that this round of restriction policy, the field of household registration qualifications and credit eligibility began to tighten, which means that the regulation of housing prices from the previous line of comprehensive spread to second tier cities. However, some analysts believe that while some of the property market is hot, some cities are still facing the pressure of destocking. (reporter Dong Jianguo) "people’s Daily" (08 October 2016 (02 Edition): Zhang Jun, commissioning editor Guan Xiyan) 国庆期间19城出台楼市调控政策 限购限贷为核心内容–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:19城出台楼市调控政策   “金九银十”之际,国内多地接连出台楼市调控新政。9月30日到10月6日夜间,共计19城先后发布新的楼市调控政策。业内人士分析,这是新一轮调控收紧的开始,预计这股调控浪潮或将继续,“银十”成交量或将下滑。   记者梳理发现,国庆期间各地出台的楼市调控政策内容虽有异同,但核心内容都是限购限贷:   ――限购。在本轮出台调控新政的十几座城市中,基本都涉及重启或扩大限购,其中合肥、南京限购政策比较严格,本地户籍禁购第三套新房(限主力成交区域);苏州涉及的行政范围最大,下辖的吴江区、昆山市、太仓市也纳入了限购范围。   ――限贷。梳理多地的调控政策,常见政策为提升二套房首付至四成或五成。其中,苏州力度较大,不但第三套禁贷,二套房首付(贷款未结清)也提升到了八成;北京则进一步扩大了二套房认定范围。   厦门大学管理学教授戴亦一认为,从某种程度上来说,这一轮市场的疯狂跟高杠杆效应密不可分。多地限购、土地政策以及限贷政策都是从供需两端去杠杆的典型措施。   业内分析认为,从各地集中出台的政策看,主要以二线城市为主,而且基本都是前期房价涨幅较高的城市。“预计后续还将有更多城市升级楼市调控政策。”中原地产首席分析师张大伟认为,这一轮限购政策,对外地户籍的购房资格和信贷资格开始收紧,意味着房价的调控从过去的一线全面蔓延到二线城市。不过,一些分析人士认为,在一些楼市火爆的同时,一些城市仍然面临去库存的压力。(记者董建国)   《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月08日 02 版) (责编:张隽、关喜艳)相关的主题文章:

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