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Business Proper ventilation is necessary for all office as well as residential buildings, which are susceptible to heat and condensation. Ventilation is the process by which air in any closed space is changed or removed so as to provide fresh air from outside. Accumulation of moisture and stagnation of air in a building can lead to several harmful effects and may even cause several diseases. Proper air ventilation not only gives a healthy living but also enhances the life of the roof sheet and structure. Ventilation is required to remove hot unpleasant air and introduce fresh outside air to keep interior building air circulating. When people are present in a building, it becomes extremely important to dilute odors and limit the concentration of pollutants such as dust and volatile organic compounds. These reasons give rise to the need of good ventilation system in a building. An efficient and eco-friendly way of extracting stale and warm air out of building is by installing Turbo Air Ventilator. This exceptional energy saving ventilator is easy to install and can be configured to meet required fresh air changes. It is so designed that even a slight breeze is enough to rotate the ventilator. This energy free ventilator cuts on air conditioning cost and reduces damage caused by winter moisture. Turbo Air Ventilator provides benefits, which no other type of ventilator does. It does not require any electricity and even the cost of the ventilator is recovered within few months of use. No heavy structure is required on roof top and it provides vibration free operation as it works completely on wind energy. Since it does not have any coil or switch, therefore, it does not require any maintenance and provides 24 hours of service and keeps the living environment healthy. Eco Ventilator, as is clear from its name is environment friendly and does not require any power and does not pollute the environment. This non conventional type of ventilator is constantly replacing its counterpart (exhaust fans) which is expensive, non eco friendly and requires maintenance from time to time. It exhausts hot stale air and promotes healthy living. As the polluted stale air is continuously being replaced by fresh air from outside, people working inside remain fresh and healthy and their productivity is increased. With the rising cost of electricity and shortage of power, it is high time to move to Eco Ventilator which conserves energy and preserves environment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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