Embassy in China rushed to rush to the rescue of citizens outside the once again triggered ne disise.com

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Embassy in China rushed to rush to the rescue of citizens outside the   once again triggered netizens point praise – International – people.com.cn half a month ago, when the New Zealand earthquake China embassy evacuation speed China tourist charter makes the world marvel, and the two day, the Israeli embassy fires spread, China again displayed amazing speed, the first time to China students withdraw from the danger area. A netizen said, "when you’re touqinkaoyou, I have been picked up consulates." The Israeli embassy to evacuate citizens even fires spread Chinese day, Israel has undergone many large-scale fires in the northern city of Haifa, the most severely affected, and declared a state of emergency in 24. At noon that day, many Israeli local students with their luggage to their home, many foreign students can only own relatives and friends, and then, China embassy stood out. Chinese Embassy in Israel immediately launched the I level emergency response mechanism, the Embassy website and WeChat platform to publish warning information, and the first time to understand the situation of Chinese citizens in the affected areas. Subsequently, the embassy confirmed that a large number of Chinese students stranded in Haifa University and Haifa University of science and technology, urgently needed assistance. Haifa, Israel, Chinese University Students: Embassy immediately told me that all Chinese students, the embassy will receive us to Tel Aviv, and then arrange accommodation, and provide food. Subsequently, the embassy immediately contact the two colleges and universities to carry out coordination, and sent a working group to Haifa, the scene to appease the emotions of the students, organized orderly evacuation of students. The same day, a total of more than 150 students were evacuated to the central city of Tel Aviv, including Taiwan, Hongkong, and 1 students. Netizen: Thanksgiving as a Chinese Chinese Embassy that rushed to rush to the rescue is not the first time, and once again sparked netizens praise. China student Jia Xinglong in the circle of friends said: "some time ago by the earthquake in New Zealand rescue Shuabing, now experienced a sense of superiority, socialist countries thankful the motherland, Thanksgiving as a Chinese." Users do not open the door: Chinese passport gold content is not limited to the number of countries to sign free, it is also the most dangerous shield when overseas Chinese citizens in danger! "Li Xinpeng:" as a Chinese pride! This is china!" (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章:

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