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Entertainment version of "Star" stepfather where stepfather style is different – Sohu entertainment entertainment circle does not lack good stepfather, Zhang Lunshuo Zhang Danfeng had the strength of pet. Click to enter [HD Photo]   (Exception) Sohu entertainment showbiz wedding there. — Christy Chung and Zhang Lunshuo will be held on November 8th. The difference between the twelve year old sister love since 2015, since the release, whether it is the love itself, or Christy Chung and her ex husband born of the three daughters of how to face the young stepfather, has been much attention. Zhang Lunshuo recently also took the three daughters of Christy Chung koala participated in the reality show Daddy where the fourth quarter, a lot of friends have been the father and daughter circle powder. Can small thought, which is where my father, ah, this is obviously not the stepfather where to go? And in the entertainment world such a complex relationship, men and women casual permutations and combinations of local, when the stepfather of the male star is really a lot of. The male star with her stepson stepdaughter or style is different, not only deeply attached to each other, harmony, also spread a lot of male and female tears, companion story, more elegant, give some Long Expecting picture. Today, Xiaobian for you to count the stars to different style. "Good stepfather and stepdaughter" were deeply attached to each other by turning red representative: Zhang Lunshuo, Shiou Zhang Lunshuo and the father of the koala is a typical high sweet high Yan value combination.   the koala is Christy Chung and Taiwan musician Yanzheng born daughter, Christy Chung is the third child. Back in 2014, Christy Chung has been divorced with a koala on Zhejiang TV’s outdoor parent-child program "life for the first time". The koala was a debut, the audience was this adorable porcelain doll with bright eyes cry.   remember Christy Chung was also on the show if Dad cried, the koala koala side, would be more secure.   and the koala also made a wish in the program, shouting: "find a good father." This scene is enough to make the purpose of tears.   which had thought, second years, Christy Chung in the star love reality show "if love" met Zhang Lunshuo. Two write a paragraph of a false thing becomes true, Jiedi difference twelve years. Talented piece hands also created a good husband in the college entrance examination as long as maintenance, such as incentive women to treat yourself, brave chase love inspirational slogans.   Zhang Lunshuo and Christy Chung fit in addition to dog abuse often show affection, and koala get along is also very harmonious. In "daddy go 4", from the beginning of the koala timidly named Zhang Lunshuo "dad".   to the last day to "father" Guazaizuibian, which shows two people increasingly intimate relationship between father and daughter.   Zhang Lunshuo is fine details for paste paste, for mosquito koala koala face, this relationship just like the biological daughter of two.     two people often drying out of the self is both Yan, and love.  相关的主题文章:

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