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Environmental tax is coming: tax is higher than that of   sewage charges; vehicle pollution tax — energy — people.com.cn original title: environmental tax to tax is higher than the sewage charges: motor vehicle pollution tax Draft Environmental Protection Law 29, the NPC Standing Committee to consider the first draft in the introduction of environmental protection tax in china. Lou Jiwei, Minister of finance, said in a statement on the draft, the legislation is in accordance with the principle of tax transfer, the current sewage charges system to the environmental tax system transfer. The draft pointed out that the establishment of centralized sewage treatment, centralized disposal of domestic waste disposal sites of taxable pollutants, pay treatment costs, not to pay the environmental tax. That is to say, the environmental tax will not be levied on ordinary residents. The draft also lists the situation of tax incentives, it is clear that motor vehicles, ships and aircraft, such as the flow of pollution sources of taxable pollutants should be given tax exemption. In addition, agricultural production (excluding large-scale farming) emissions of taxable pollutants will also be tax-free. The draft stipulates that the current sewage charges levied as the standard of environmental taxes. Due to the current increase in the amount of sewage charges in some provinces and cities, the draft clearly, the tax standards can be upward floating. (: Yan Lu, commissioning editor Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章:

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