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Even the 560 Highlander and fall, August SUV days? This article is to buy a car Sohu asked to share the original article, from the writer Yuan Mengquan. No one knows how long SUV can last, and no one knows what it will be like, in a word, it’s a magical market segment. The SUV market in August the overall growth rate continued at a high of 42.3%, after the completion of the joint venture brand after the counterattack also gave the brand some respite last month, Honda strong such as two models in August (CR-V, XR-V) from the top ten list, this year a downturn in Changan had a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment. The main products of CS75 and CS35 were in the top ten, together with sales of 26 thousand and 800 cars with Changan. In this trend, it seems that the market is not bad to sell SUV products. Even the following paragraphs down several models, it is now popular on the market mainstream fried chicken, but due to various reasons in the competition and the lost, then the heart and no momentum. Po Chun 560 [August sales: 15112 year-on-year change: -11.8%] in the MPV market invincible Po Chun 560 launched last year to enter the SUV market, a hit the rhythm of many people exclaimed real opponent to the Harvard H6. Now a year later, Harvard H6 or the quick selling 3, 40 thousand cars God car, and the Po Chun 560 "God car threat" aura, seems to be in the whole car early lack of automatic, reason and distribution too violent, weakened a lot. Po Chun 560 H6 and the biggest difference is that, H6 has a more comprehensive product line, which makes it a wider coverage of the population, while the channel capacity was not weak than bluegem. The 560 is the main focus of large space and high configuration, although recently launched 1.5T models to enrich the product lineup, but suffered over the same period 580 (August 10086) the scenery of Changan, CX70 (9040 units) rivals such as the siege, market share is rapidly eating, want to enjoy the original scenery and praise it. TOYOTA Highlander [August sales: 6871 year-on-year change: -10.7%] Maybe it is time to discuss the negative impact of the long-term increase of TOYOTA 2.0T D-4ST engine capacity constraints and some areas of the Highlander, the most direct manifestation of sales began to lag behind competitors to counterattack. Sales trend Highlander and its biggest rival, Ford this year could see a sharp boundary, Highlander although stable, but from the beginning of May in the wholesale volume has begun to decline slowly from 8000 down to now less than 7000 level, while the sharp boundary has three consecutive months in wholesale data on more than Highlander, is currently in the top ranks of the pin near June million. Because the competitor is not much, do not worry about the natural joint 7 Highlander SUV subdivision interval competition situation, so in the short term can still be maintained at 7000 a level,.相关的主题文章:

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