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Fall pregnant mother want less "suffer", to "hardship" – Sohu in the stage before the rain after the mother, I Changchun the weather becomes clear sky. Sooner or later, the temperature difference really makes people sigh: autumn, it really came, and perhaps some of the city’s name comes from the pursuit of a better yearning, looking forward to the city can spring like four seasons. Changchun not year-round spring city, in four seasons, climate change with time and sharp touch. Some people joke that the summer of Changchun, the African students to study more black, Changchun’s winter to the Antarctic penguins also shiver. In this fickle like a woman in the city, coincides with the seasons, we can enjoy it brings us joy, feel the natural taste rich fruit an invigorating autumn climate, gifts. At the same time, we are also in the silence of the climate to bring our discomfort, sooner or later, the temperature difference is not a little attention to be cold to the epidemic, if at this time you have a baby in the stomach, it is necessary to be careful. In this let pregnant women suffering season, want less suffering, it is necessary to endure hardship". As far as food is concerned, bitter food is the natural enemy of "fire". Bitter food is bitter, because it contains alkaloids, urea and other bitter substances. The study found that Chinese medicine, antipyretic Qushu these bitter substances, eliminate fatigue. The best bitter food first bitter gourd, whether it is cold, stir fry or soup, as long as doing cooked bitter gourd and does not lose the "green", "to achieve the goal of" objective. In addition to balsam pear, and other bitter foods are also good "fire" effect, such as almond, bitter herbs, Kudingcha, celery, Gai Lan etc., also can heat jieshu. The doctor gave mothers advice: don’t get angry after their medication, especially fire medicine contains elements of Coptis, bezoar etc., it is easy to cause abortion and other dangerous situations; autumn dry weather, pregnant mother to drink plenty of water, eat more vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, usually pay attention to regular exercise to prevent fire, fall. The cool autumn tonic suitable to spleen and stomach as the saying goes "after summer disease free three imaginary", in accordance with the principle of medical Yang in spring and summer autumn season, autumn and winter Yin, tonic. Autumn is the best time to restore proper tonic and regulate the viscera function of human body. But the cool autumn tonic suitable to spleen and stomach, because after a long hot summer, people because the frequency of drinking cold drinks, eat frozen goods have weakened functions of spleen and stomach, so at the beginning of autumn tonic to avoid. For a period of adjustment and fall tonic before, can first make some fresh nutritious and easy to digest food, in order to regulate the function of spleen and stomach. Pregnant mothers should be rich and comprehensive nutrition, diet should pay attention to the following points: 1 food rich in protein content. Such as lean meat, liver, chicken, fish, shrimp, milk, eggs, soybeans and soy products, etc.. Protein intake should be maintained at 80-100 grams per day. 2 to ensure adequate intake of carbohydrates, this kind of food including cereals, potatoes, corn, sweet potato and other crops. 3 ensure the right amount of fat. Vegetable fats are more suitable for pregnant women, such as soybean oil, peanut oil and olive oil. 4 right amount.相关的主题文章:

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