Fan Bingbing was holding up to help domestic violence Tak television Kuangzhuan 480 million-7470d

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Fan Bingbing was holding up to help domestic violence Tak television Kuangzhuan 480 million Fan Bingbing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Chen Yan) the 27 film released on Kant’s afternoon announcement that the company 25, and Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd. signed an agreement, in accordance with the agreement, Tmall technology to obtain 480 million yuan drama "win the world" the network broadcast rights alone. The show is produced by Tak television, "Wu legend" original cast to create a costume drama. Affected by this news, Tak television shares soared afternoon, closing trading. Each set of 8 million yuan net broadcast after the announcement, after the signing of the agreement, Tmall will enjoy the TV drama "win the world" in the mainland Chinese area (excluding Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan area, the same below) of the exclusive right to network dissemination of information (including delegation and independent rights activist), at the same time enjoy the drama related the right of authorship. Authorized network protocol, day Cat technology and cooperation company operating the network platform and its own operations or sub domain, and its own or operate hardware terminal, the audience will be able to through the web and mobile terminal on Youku, potatoes, etc. the database search platform to watch "win the world". In terms of procurement costs, Tmall technology will pay the right to authorize the dissemination of information network, a single set of 8 million yuan, to set the number of tentative sets of the calculation of the total cost of 480 million yuan. Special provisions of the contract, such as the final set of more than 10 sets of more than the number of tentative sets, the final set of the maximum number of settlement in accordance with the 70 set. In other words, it is possible to reach 560 million yuan. In the broadcast form, particularly the provisions of the first network broadcast, Tmall technology can be paid membership in the television broadcast drama day at midnight on the first to watch the play, non paying members will be broadcast on television to see. Notice shows that win the world at the end of December 31, 2017 no more than all of the film finished. Tang Tak said that the signing of the agreement and its performance will not have a significant impact on the performance of the year. According to the progress of the project, is expected to have a positive impact on the operating results of the year 2017 and beyond. Fan Bingbing [micro-blog] holding contract net worth soared in particular, the drama director of high Yijun, female Fan Bingbing, and the two is "legend" later cast. According to "win the world" promotional materials, this is a produced by Tak television, "legend" will spend $500 million to build the later legendary costume drama. The play tells the story of the Qin Dynasty legend Qing Ba widow, she is the first female China "entrepreneur", the richest in the world, has a huge sum of money to repair the Great Wall, the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty as "sister". Affected by this news, yesterday afternoon opening, Tak television shares from green to turn red, straight pull over 5 points, nearly an hour after the consolidation, the upside again, directly onto the daily limit, and maintain close to. Closing price of 30.55 yuan, up by 10.01%. In early April 2011, Fan Bingbing Tak television to increase their investment in buying price of 2.3 yuan per share, 1 million 289 thousand and 900 shares held by the company, accounting for 2.15% of the shares of the company, becoming the tenth largest shareholder of the company. February 17, 2015, Tang Deying)相关的主题文章:

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