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Faye Wong concert 7800 yuan fare why was questioned? The Sina entertainment column boiled as a fat Luo Jun concert ticket fares more expensive than iPhone7, of course, also brought out a series of questions: This is a live webcast, try VR astronomical concert will redefine the concert mode? What is the price of the day after the actual strength of proof, or an Apple style hunger marketing? Or, "days" in the end how much money should be worth? The name that sparked all this controversy was Faye Wong. Recently, rumors have long Faye Wong Shanghai concert finally sit, Faye Wong at a press conference, announced in December 30th this year, the Mercedes Benz in Shanghai cultural center held a "Mercedes magic music a 2016" concert ticket price 1800 yuan, price of 7800 yuan, and the opening of the live webcast, causing entertainment vibration. Faye Wong said, want to try the webcast, farewell (performance) for me, especially the formalization, I will not take this way." This moment all fares, seckill king and queen of pop music, Jay Chou concert tickets exceeded more than six times, is more than three times the Zhang Youxue price of course, also hurt users nervous. However, from an economic point of view, Faye Wong concert high fares, in the end is the price bubble or the results of market pricing? Or we change a train of thought — for Jay Chou or Jacky Cheung, 4 years before the opening of a concert, will not open such a high price. In a small concert behind, perhaps it is today’s Chinese music gap and subsequent weakness, our side Tucao high fares, while in possession of a piece of tickets for the Faye Wong concert Rong, perhaps this is the paradoxical and rationality of Faye Wong 7800 yuan price ticket behind the concert. From an economic point of view Faye Wong concert ticket price is the price of the bubble or apple hunger marketing? A phenomenon of the first concern is that from 2010 to 2012 of the year after the tour, Faye Wong has more than 4 years, did not hold any personal performance, her vocals only appear in the film and television theme song, and every successful topic raised. At this time, there have been a variety of hearsay, continue to spread about the concert of Faye Wong rumors, but proved to be It is sheer fiction. These are expected to make a great contribution to the Faye Wong concert arena rumors, is one of the factors that can not be ignored Faye Wong concert tickets. This is expected to continue to pile up high consumption, it is not the best hunger marketing? If you remove the aura of music, Faye Wong concert as a completely commercial behavior, perhaps also can be understood as an apple marketing. When the advent of the new iPhone, the iPhonePlus like models is a hot spot for holidays, is always hard to find a machine". Is it important that we buy the apple itself, or is it a sense of satisfaction to be involved in this collective Frenzy? Faye Wong four years of semi retirement, also created a huge consumer market and the accumulation of expectations, so only when a concert appears, it becomes a field event, high prices seem to be hunger Marketing)相关的主题文章:

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