Finance and Economics breaking the top of Construction Bank

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Rong Hui Finance: China Construction Bank performance before the broken top hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of stock on the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. The Hang Seng index yesterday fell nearly 300 points, closing decline narrowed to 178 points or 0.8% to close at 22820. Market turnover did not increase, the market turnover remained at 61 billion 900 million yuan of recent low level, compared with last week nearly 70 billion yuan reduced by more than 10%. The Hang Seng index trend, low of 22703 yesterday, just hit August 12th low of 22704 to see a rebound, but still fell about 10 at the close of the 22850 antenna. If the index continues to consolidate, temporarily to 20 are about 22500 antenna for preliminary support, fell to 8 in August, 22193 to 22260 for breach or a support; such as consolidation after, HSI temporarily to rose more 23000 and last week saw a 9 month high of 23194 as the initial target. The global market for year before, U.S. interest rates are expected to rise slightly, with international oil prices, the mainland currency loose expected cooling, whether out of Hong Kong stocks short-term adjustment momentum, see today announced the results of heavy silver, can produce satisfactory results. Internal silver stocks were stronger this morning, CCB (HK.00939) announced today’s performance, the stock price rose 1% and broke the top. ICBC (HK.01398), Bank of China (HK.03988), Bank of Communications (HK.03328) rose 0.3% to 1%. Agricultural Bank of China (HK.01288) is soft, fell 0.3%. CCB shares went down Wednesday, closing down nearly 1%, to 5.74 yuan. On the trend, the bank began to rebound since the beginning of the August, the recent share price rose to 5.80 yuan near after repeatedly break up seems to be subject to the level of 5.80 yuan, or become the resistance. The bank once again reach the high Wednesday 5.80 yuan, although finally softened, but the decline is not significant, published or can see performance, can drive the consolidation after the bank exceeded 5.80 yuan mark. Another bank stocks ICBC announced interim results from the end of the month before, its stock price decline Wednesday, closing down about 2%, at 4.90 yuan. On the trend, the bank exceeded 5 yuan mark on Tuesday, is the first time since more than nine months, although Wednesday immediately softened, but on the daily chart, the 50 antenna ICBC has recently rose through the 250 antenna, "golden cross" positive signals, or can see after the consolidation, whether in performance before the release of ICBC again, the challenge of 5 yuan mark. There are reports from the US consultancy that the British bank may lose a large number of European and British corporate clients because of the British referendum, and about 40% European companies and nearly 25% of the UK

融慧财经:建设银行业绩前破顶 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   恒指昨日一度大跌近300点,收市跌幅收窄至178点或0.8%,收报22820。跌市成交未见增加,大市成交维持在619亿元的近日低水平,较上周近700亿元缩减逾一成。走势上,恒指昨低见22703,刚好触及8月12日低位22704即见反弹,惟收市仍失守现约处22850的10天线。恒指若继续整固,暂以现约处22500的20天线为初步支持,再跌则以8月8日升市裂口22193至22260为下一支持;如整固后再上,恒指暂以升越23000关及上周所见的9个月高位23194为初步目标。   全球行年会前,市场对美国加息预期稍升温,加上国际油价回落、内地货币松宽预期冷却,港股短期能否走出调整势头,全看今起公布业绩的重磅内银,能否交出令人满意的成绩表。内银股今早偏强,建行(HK.00939)今日公布业绩,股价升1%并破顶。工行(HK.01398)、中行(HK.03988)、交行(HK.03328)升0.3%至1%。农行(HK.01288)偏软,跌0.3%。   建行股价周三跟随大市向下,收市跌近1%,报5.74元。走势上,建行自八月初开始反弹,股价近期升至5.80元附近后,屡次向上突破似乎都受制于5.80元,该水平或渐成阻力位。建行周三高位曾经再度触及5.80元,虽然最后回软,但跌幅未算显著,或可观望业绩的公布,能否带动整固后的建行突破5.80元关口。   另一内银股工行将于月底前公布中期业绩,其股价周三跌幅更大,收市跌约2%,报4.90元。走势上,工行在周二突破5元关口,是逾九个月以来首次,虽然周三随即回软,但日线图上,工行的50天线最近已经升穿250天线,出现“黄金交叉”利好讯号,或可观望整固过后,工行能否在业绩公布前后,再度挑战5元关口。   有报道指美国顾问公司调查显示,因为英国公投脱欧,英国银行可能流失大量欧洲及英国企业客户,约有40%欧洲企业及将近25%的英国企业已经或正计划重新分配银行业务至大型跨国银行。另外,汇丰(HK.00005)公布新一轮回购逾219万股,涉资约1.21亿元。汇丰今日上午早段逆市靠稳,续于55元之上整固待变,向上阻力留意今年初60元水平,即市支持参考10天线约54.8元。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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