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Food and Drug Administration sampling: 2 batches of meat and meat products unqualified reporter in February 16th from the State Food and Drug Administration learned that the food and Drug Administration recently organized inspection of meat and meat products, beverage, bakery and dairy products of 7 categories of food 620 batches of samples, sampling inspection items of qualified 618 batches of samples, 2 samples failed batch. The meat and meat products 96 batches, 2 batches of unqualified samples, accounting for 2.1%; drink 51 batches, 90 batches of baked food, candy and cocoa products 72 batches, 99 batches of roasted seeds and nuts and nut products, canned 87 batches and 125 batches of dairy products, unqualified samples were not detected. The unqualified samples involving nominal production units, products and unqualified index: Daqing Longda Food Co. Ltd., production and processing of meat (beef) and back Tiefeng District of Qigihar city poplar slaughterhouse production and processing of cattle tenderloin (Niu Shangnao) were dexamethasone (one of adrenocortical hormone drugs have anti-inflammatory, anti shock, anti allergic, anti toxin, residues in bovine muscle in the limit of 0.75 g kg). To find the sampling of substandard products, food and drug administration has asked the Heilongjiang provincial food and drug supervision departments where the enterprise is located according to law for further investigation of unqualified products production operators, to determine the number and causes of nonconforming product batches, and formulate rectification measures. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

食药监总局抽检:2批次肉及肉制品不合格   记者2月16日从国家食品药品监督管理总局了解到,食药监总局近期组织抽检肉及肉制品、饮料、焙烤食品和乳制品等7类食品620批次样品,抽样检验项目合格样品618批次,不合格样品2批次。   其中,肉类及其制品96批次,不合格样品2批次,占2.1%;饮料51批次,焙烤食品90批次,糖果及可可制品72批次,炒货食品及坚果制品99批次,罐头87批次和乳制品125批次,均未检出不合格样品。   不合格样品涉及的标称生产加工单位、产品和不合格指标为:大庆市龙大食品有限公司生产加工的后腿股肉(牛肉)和齐齐哈尔市铁锋区杨生屠宰场生产加工的牛上脊肉(牛上脑)检出地塞米松(肾上腺皮质激素类药物之一,有抗炎、抗休克、抗过敏、抗毒素等作用,在牛的肌肉中的残留限量为0.75μg kg)。   对上述抽检中发现的不合格产品,食药监总局已要求企业所在地黑龙江省食品药品监管部门依法对不合格产品的生产经营者作进一步调查处理,查明不合格产品的批次、数量和原因,制定整改措施。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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