Former U.S. Secretary of defense had boasted China why did not create the 4 generation machine or bl

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Former U.S. Secretary of defense had boasted China why did not create the 4 generation machine or block the flicker of the map: 20 fighter fighter first flight occurred at the time of the U.S. Defense Secretary Gates’s visit to China on the occasion of the Zhuhai air show, J20 unveiled all ready, although there was not a hundred percent of the exact message, but three aspects it can be shown that the J20 will probably appear rate: one is because early spread J20 will debut the news, and there are two J20 to near Zhuhai. Two is the end of this year or early next year J20 service is a high probability of things, China’s current national defense policy, J20 at this time in line with the current situation, earlier shipped 20 and J31 has been unveiled. The three is that China will show the upcoming service (or has served) J20, help deter China around the United States and the United States in the Asia Pacific military advantage, is conducive to China’s game against the United states. However, at the Zhuhai air show, J20’s appearance is really awesome. On the one hand, J20 is not like other aircraft taking off and landing at the scene that took off from the airport, but the other suddenly flew in the air over the air show, showing the beautiful posture, streamlined design, with obvious stealth characteristics of canard aircraft to bring super maneuverability, almost 90° after the angle of vertical climbing ability, and instantly disappeared in people’s implementation. After watching the show J20 just a few minutes of the show, you can understand that this is one of the world’s most advanced stealth fighter, it should be said that after the United States F22. Speaking of J20, there is a very interesting story, the protagonist of the story is the director of Chinese Air Force Commander lieutenant He Weirong, former deputy China and war Bureau Zhang Zhaozhong (micro-blog), former U.S. Defense Secretary General Mr. Gates and the U.S. Defense Intelligence agency. Mr. Gates, former U.S. Secretary of defense of the United States military leader is very confident, in May 8, 2009, he made a speech at the Eisenhower library, proudly said: by 2020, the United States will have 1100 aircraft F22 and F35 composed of fifth generation fighter group, then it is still exist in the world like rolling. When it comes to the four generation Chinese machine, Gates smiled a contemptuous smile, think before 2020 China there will be a four generation machine, to 2025 at most a few aircraft. Donald, a spokesman for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, ·, wants to be "pessimistic", but he said: "we believe that the fifth generation of China’s aircraft will fly in the next few years, the first flight in the next few years.". However, we also believe that it will take about 10 years for the people’s Liberation Army to start mass combat deployment of the fifth generation fighter." However, in November 8, 2009, when he was deputy commander of the air force lieutenant general He Weirong Chinese in CCTV revealed the face of the show, the four generation of Chinese machine will be the first flight soon. This can be exploded, deputy chief of the air force said Chinese four generation machine is being developed, will soon be the first flight in the armed forces the next 8 to 10 years, the news will explode (now, where the deputy commander is a honest person, this year J20 will be served)? The China fans are crazy in the discussion in the forum, U.S. intelligence agencies also wrong. Because they get this information from China, so they are eager to相关的主题文章:

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