Forward early warning! Chongqing roadside blooming toxic flower of Datura zznba

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Forward early warning! Chongqing roadside blooming "toxic flower of Datura so, what is the cost? After inquiry, this flower is yellow Mandala, the reporter found that Baidu, Datura flower: cursed flowers grow in the desert in the desert, there is no one to find the person can safely leave mandala. Elegant, foliage enchanting, toxic. There is a legend: the desert is God because the human desire to implement the punishment. The desert in all life only by the water in the central desert. Until the water falls in love with a woman who led the search for water, the wrath of God, the God of water to destroy the soul, and he himself to desert flora Datura into human reincarnation as the price, please pardon of God, God for her amorous feeling, only the water expelled from heaven, since then, the desert water, Datura has become cursed flowers. Poison in the body. Thus, this flower is beautiful, but still far from good! Do not pick and even as a yo yo! News links: little knowledge of native tropical and sub tropical, warm, sunny and well drained sandy loam. Solanaceae, Datura datura. Leaves alternate, flowers bisexual, corolla horn. The whole plant is highly toxic, its leaves, flowers and seeds can be used as medicine, spicy and warm, drug analgesia anesthesia, cough and asthma, also known as yangjinhua.相关的主题文章:

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