French for two consecutive days from terrorist attacks and false alarms as a badly frightened person-vstart

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French for two consecutive days from terrorist attacks and false alarms as a badly frightened person? – Beijing, Beijing, 19 September, according to Central News Agency reported that 18 days before the French downtown Paris with fake terror attack alarm, let the police employed but naught, motives may be out of malice. Eastern city, a Catholic Church, 18, also informed of suspicious elements, the result is only claiming to be accustomed to participate in Catholic ceremonies of the believers. Reported that the eastern French city of San AI Dien (Saint-Etienne) of the Cathedral of Saint Schaller (Cathedrale Saint- Charles) the morning of Sunday mass in a religious ceremony, noticed two "suspicious man beard, wearing a Muslim dress", and call alarm. 6, the 7 police cars quickly came to the church in front of the square, the police immediately evacuated the crowd, and carefully check the inside of the church, but found no suspicious items. Two men suspected of being Muslim over the age of 30 have explained to the police that they often have the habit of attending Catholic religious ceremonies. In July this year, two extremists broke into the northwestern France Seine maritime (Seine-Maritime) of a church, hand is celebrant Hamel (Jacques Hemel), the religious places so alert. Paris 17, a terrorist attack bulletin, someone had told the police that the Downtown Saint Leu Church (Eglise Saint-Leu) may have been kidnapped, the police immediately evacuated the crowd and large-scale operations, downtown residents, the government also sent a notification system to alert a terrorist attack to download applications on mobile phone, causing panic. But the police later found to be a false alarm. According to reports, investigators determined that it was a malicious false alarm with a motive, and was tracing the source.相关的主题文章:

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