Go by part-time courier hungry to enter the logistics industry noiseware

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Go by part-time courier hungry to enter the logistics industry source: visual interface China source: Author: Cheng Yingdi hungry and Yuantong logistics distribution recently reached a long-term cooperation agreement, the future delivery staff will be in the main city part-time express delivery, is expected to double eleven during the daily distribution of up to 1 million single, hungry formally enter the traditional logistics industry. For the cooperation with tact, hungry for the room’s developed a "hummingbird pan" App, the rider can scan two-dimensional single room express on codes began to pick a single parcel transport process will also display App. Hungry room had time to focus on at noon and in the evening, they can now use their free time to send express, a hungry rider said, according to the day received 50 courier, every day can increase the income of hundreds of yuan. This double eleven day, the total amount of nearly 81 million single orders Yuantong Express ranked first in the industry, its Lanshou amount to 51 million 600 thousand votes ranking industry first. Hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao said the number of delivery team’s more than SF express company, "which is the basis of the future logistics network". Food distribution and logistics have in common, said hungry Yuantong internal staff evaluation, hungry in the immediate delivery of good performance, hummingbird team delivery can improve the user experience, and alleviate the pressure distribution during the double eleven. The logistics staff, currently registered members of the distribution hummingbird has 1 million 300 thousand people, in addition to receiving hungry waybill, also provide delivery service for the third party. Hungry for instant delivery service in addition to the self hummingbird distribution, also introduced the third party courier companies, courier Crowdsourcing and merchant sent mixed mode, through the intelligent recommendation system according to the algorithm of the nearest hummingbird rider orders. Chinese Internet Analysys released in August the first instant Distribution Market Research Report shows that the second quarter of 2016, hungry’s distribution in 26.7% hummingbird immediate distribution market share, ranking first in the market, the total amount of the single instant distribution market 448 million 500 thousand. In October 20th this year, a A listed backdoor, become Chinese express industry’s first listed company. Before the announcement, the backdoor listing, Ali Yuantong Express venture holds 12% stake; and in April of this year, hungry from the Alibaba and the ant payment service financing of $900 million and $350 million. Hungry actually does not meet the logistics of this cake, with a huge logistics network, the development of retail electricity supplier business may be its future direction. Said in an interview with Beijing News interview on Zhang Xuhao, "in the next 3 to 5 years, I believe, no electronic commerce, but a new retail way, is a distributed to us as the representative of the electricity supplier."相关的主题文章:

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