Grandpa Christina 38 Tong Dawei hot words – Sohu anchor subtly malicious users

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"Grandpa Christina 38" Tong Dawei hot words – Sohu anchor subtly malicious users in warm male entertainment Tong Dawei funny than Sohu entertainment comedy film "Grandpa Christina 38" will be on November 11th officially released joy. "The tide Grandpa" Tong Dawei, "freaky Michelle Chen," Adorable grandson Lv Yuncong, a three generation of wits. Recently, Tong Dawei will be extended to the role of the movie, "Tong Dawei remarks on the interactive program", a magnificent spicy anchor, friends, so many fans exclaimed "I didn’t expect you to be like Tong Dawei". Tong Dawei opened the first phase of emotional interaction column, and fans talk about "decompression can rely on what?" Collect call, one that is causing all the users complain. Even now quite similar to the girl’s social pressure is very big, can let the whole ease "," the price is too high, life is not enough, housing loans still 500 years "," ugly "and other wonderful reply for her boyfriend…… In the face of such a bizarre tricky feedback, Tong anchor shouted accident. "We did not expect to have so much pressure these days to see the message, see my eyes are spent, it became a Laoyanhunhua Tong Grandpa." The warm man Tong Dawei changed his warm thoughtful style, the embodiment of all the users ridicule spicy Tong subtly malicious anchor. A netizen said too much pressure to buy a house in Beijing, from the Tang Dynasty began to pay off the loan, "said Tong anchor as a young man, you can set a small goal, for example, to live with him for five hundred years; and the face of love’s wonderful boyfriend girlfriend cosmetics into the boiling water, Tong Dawei." your friend is crazy? You’re not afraid your girlfriend threw you into the boiling water?" Jack second tongue tucao. The movie "Grandpa Christina 38" tells the story of a young single mother Tang Huiru Trinidad father, with his son Tang Jiadong never met He Zhiwu Grandpa airborne home, three people to wipe out countless sparks of hilarious stories under the same roof, the film will be released in November 11th.相关的主题文章:

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