Guangxi man kills former girlfriend and mother is sentenced to death for love funds without effect 3edyy

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Guangxi man killed before his girlfriend’s mother was sentenced to death: for love fund to no avail Guangxi Hezhou news network November 11th news (correspondent Huang Yijun) November 11th, Hezhou City Intermediate People’s court according to the Supreme People’s Court issued the execution order, according to Yu Moumou intentional homicide death penalty. Sentencing scene. Guangxi news network correspondent Huang Yijun for the defendant Yu Moumou on 2012 and Deng fell in love and living together, after two people for breaking up. Yu Moumou asked Deng returned during intercourse for his expenses all expenses, Deng returned to Yu Moumou 4000 yuan, Yu Moumou continue to ask for the remaining money Dengmou, but Deng has been to avoid missing. In August 20, 2014, Yu Moumou carrying a fruit knife and curtain cloth, laundry bags, came to the Zijin Mountain county Hua Shan Xiang Deng home to find Dengmou, intention to continue to ask for balance. In not found Deng, Yu Moumou revenge Deng family’s idea, and waiting in Dengmou home near the mountain woods. The next day at 10 pm, Yu Moumou saw Deng mother Liu carrying bag from home, then followed Liu to its last night waiting for the mountain woods ambush. When Liu Zhai beans returned walking, Yu Moumou Liu neck reined forward, and punched the Liu’s face. Liu Yu Moumou fear death, and continue to use the curtain cloth fierce Le Liu’s neck and knotted, caused by suffocation liu. Hezhou City Intermediate People’s court to the defendant Yu Moumou guilty of manslaughter and sentenced Yu Moumou death, deprived of political rights for life. After the verdict, Yu Moumou appeal. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Higher People’s Court of second instance court rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict, and shall report to the Supreme People’s court. The Supreme People’s court conducted a review of the case, the higher people’s Court of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region upheld the approval of intentional homicide and sentenced the defendant Yu Moumou death penalty, criminal ruling deprived of political rights for life, and issued to the execution order of Yu moumou.

广西男子杀害前女友母亲被判死刑:索要恋爱经费无果   广西新闻网贺州11月11日讯(通讯员 黄奕俊)11月11日,贺州市中级人民法院根据最高人民法院下达的执行死刑命令,依法将故意杀人犯虞某某执行死刑。 宣判现场。广西新闻网通讯员 黄奕俊供图   被告人虞某某于2012年与邓某恋爱并同居,后二人因故分手。虞某某要求邓某退还交往期间自己为其支出的各类花销,邓某退给虞某某4000元后,虞某某继续向邓某索要剩余款项,但邓某一直躲避不见。2014年8月20日,虞某某携带装有窗帘布、水果刀及换洗衣物的编织袋,来到钟山县花山乡邓某娘家寻找邓某,意图继续索要余款。在未找到邓某后,虞某某即产生报复邓某家人的想法,并在邓某家附近的山岭树林里守候。次日10时许,虞某某看见邓某的母亲刘某背着网兜从家里出来,便尾随刘到其昨晚守候的山岭树林里埋伏。当刘某摘豆角返回路过时,虞某某即上前勒住刘某颈部,同时用拳头击打刘某的脸部。虞某某恐刘某不死,又继续用窗帘布猛勒刘某的颈部并打结,致刘某窒息死亡。   贺州市中级人民法院以被告人虞某某犯故意杀人罪,判处虞某某死刑,剥夺政治权利终身。宣判后,虞某某提出上诉。广西壮族自治区高级人民法院二审裁定驳回上诉,维持原判,并依法报请最高人民法院核准。最高人民法院对本案进行了复核,核准广西壮族自治区高级人民法院维持一审以故意杀人罪判处被告人虞某某死刑,剥夺政治权利终身的刑事裁定,并下达了对虞某某执行死刑的命令。相关的主题文章:

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