Guy to a small clinic to prescribe medicine to drink half a year of traditional Chinese medicine

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Guy to a small clinic to prescribe medicine to drink half a year of traditional Chinese medicine into kidney failure original title: guy drink half a year to drink traditional Chinese medicine into the kidney failure in Hankou Lee 29 years old this year. The day before yesterday evening, Mr. Li suddenly blurred, his family sent him to the city hospital, the doctor found that he had renal failure, the need for immediate hospitalization. Due to serious illness, Lee was transferred to the Department of critical care medicine. Tube bed doctor Xu Meixia said that Mike’s blood sugar is almost impossible to measure, there are serious complications of diabetes. Washington (reporter correspondent Jiang Hu Fangyuan       Xu Tao; Ouyang Fei) even drink a lot of water often feel that Chinese drink mouth parched and tongue scorched, no toxic side effect, did not expect to drink half a year after the Chinese guy, even to drink out of renal failure. Mike’s mother, Ms. Wu said, as early as a year ago, his son began to appear the symptom of dry mouth, drink plenty of water every time after the symptoms will ease a little, advised him to go to the hospital for a check-up, he thought to the hospital to eat Western medicine, side effects will hurt the body. So, he went to a small clinic nearby to open a number of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning. After returning home, Xiao Li in accordance with the doctor’s request, to take aoyao for half a year. Xu Tao, director of the Department of critical care medicine, said Li’s kidney failure should be associated with the long-term use of large quantities of Chinese medicine. Dry mouth polydipsia is the typical symptoms of diabetes, if it can be early to the hospital for examination, standard treatment, it will not develop into the current situation. Xu Tao reminded that many people love to buy medicine for the treatment of various diseases, but do not know the drugs through the kidney to metabolism, thus, long-term use of traditional Chinese medicine is easy to increase the burden on the kidneys, for a long time, there may even lead to uremia. The clinical findings, some patients are excessive use, as well as the days and months multiplying lead poisoning; drug processing, decocting improper no toxicity removal. He stressed that Chinese medicine must be taken under the guidance of a regular physician. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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