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Hainan to open direct flights to Laos and other international routes air silk road to open a new journey in Hainan have opened direct flights to Kampuchea, Laos and other international routes, a positive response and support "The Belt and Road" national strategy "air Silk Road" to open a new journey of cooperation – Hainan Daily reporter Luo Xia Haikou July, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap international direct flights to Kampuchea route opened at the end of August and September; at the beginning, Haikou to Vientiane of Laos, Luang Prabang international routes have been opened…… Recently, Hainan opened to direct international flights to the news. A section of the opening of international routes, response and support of national "The Belt and Road" strategy and "Lan Mei cooperation" mechanism is not only Hainan, but also provides the convenience for the friendly exchanges between the two. With the help of a "air Silk Road", Hainan is opening a new journey of foreign exchanges and cooperation. The "air Silk Road" to speed up the construction of Chinese coincided with the 58 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Kampuchea in July 19th, the provincial government attaches great importance to, and two new routes in Haikou to Kampuchea in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap was launched, to further promote the Hainan and Kampuchea both sides to strengthen cultural ties, close, industry and tourism cooperation. In August 31st, in the direct care of the provincial Party committee and government leaders, and the joint efforts of foreign affairs, civil aviation, tourism, Hainan Airlines and other units, Haikou to Vientiane international flights on September 4th, to Haikou province; my friends of the city of Laos Luang Prabang route opened. Talking about the route opened, the provincial foreign affairs and overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Wang Sheng said, in order to promote interoperability with relevant countries, help Hainan to participate in "The Belt and Road construction, our province has developed, including flights on the foreign exchanges, and passed the provincial leadership to be promoted. The Hainan and Kampuchea, Laos opened direct routes, this year is to further implement the provincial Party Secretary Luo Baoming’s visit to Kampuchea, Laos reached cooperation intention. In July this year, during a visit to Kampuchea, Laos, proposed to open direct routes recommended by Luo Baoming. After the relevant departments and units to act quickly and successfully led to the Hainan and Kampuchea, Laos opened direct routes. In addition to the HNA Group opened in Haikou flights to Kampuchea and Laos on international routes, recently, the nineteenth session held in Xiamen Chinese international investment and trade fair, the Haikou Municipal Tourism Commission and China Southern Airlines Hainan branch, Hainan Hanglv signed a cooperation agreement to develop international routes, agreed at the end of October opening of Haikou – Guangzhou – Yangon, Haikou – Vientiane, Haikou – Luang Prabang international routes. In addition, in 2017 2016 Hainan winter flight season aviation market promotion, Sanya tourism and many airline companies signed a cooperation agreement on international routes to Sanya Lancang River Mekong region countries. The foreign exchanges and cooperation in Haikou to open up the Vientiane international routes in Hainan, more than 100 people in the tourism industry specially take the inaugural flight to Laos, visits to local hotels, scenic spots. "Laos is Chinese citizens can enjoy one of the landing visa countries and China are close and friendly neighbors, rich in tourism resources." Hainan air travel travel distributor Huang Fei said,相关的主题文章:

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