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Haitong Securities Jiang Chao: interest rates down short-term disruption of capital market opportunities are still waiting for Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock Jiepan election Niugu tournament short-term economic stability, steady rise in inflation — a week Haitong macro exchange and thought 185th (Jiang Chao, Gu Xiaoxiao) the global stock market rebound domestic debt stocks declined slightly. Last week, the United States, Japan, South Korea, India and overseas markets, the stock market rose, the price of gold fell stabilized gold, industrial metal prices fell, domestic shares fell slightly. The United States Employment weakness, it is difficult to raise interest rates in September. The United States in September 151 thousand of nonfarm employment, wage growth has weakened sharply, coupled with the previously announced U.S. August PMI to the line ups and downs, significantly less than expected, the probability of September increase sharply, once a week for nearly 13 to only 15. But because of the previous Fed officials continued to increase in December and a hawkish statement, is still more than 50% high probability. Economic stability in the short term, inflation steadily rising. August manufacturing PMI rose to 50.4, a record high of nearly two years, of which demand, production, prices are picked up. August real estate, car sales, power generation coal consumption growth rate was higher, indicating that short-term economic stabilization, but the beginning of the September power coal consumption growth fell sharply, and the capacity to curb real estate bubble in the background of economic downside risk has not disappeared. August CPI is expected to fall to 1.7%, but the recent rebound in seasonal vegetables, plus the PPI continued to rise, forecast in September PPI is expected to end in September or CPI negative growth, rebounded to 2%, the 4 quarter rebound to 2.2% or CPI. Currency interest rate stability, easing is still delayed. Last week, the currency interest rate R007 fell 20bp, 7 days liquidity significantly improved, but the overnight interest rate R001 is still rising. In August the central bank to restart the 14 day reverse repo, the whole month net invested currency of 234 billion, significantly better than the net return in July. However, the rebound in inflation, price bubble expansion of the pressure, such as easing monetary easing or postponed again. Promote entrepreneurial innovation, real estate purchase again. Last week, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting to determine the policies and measures to promote the development of venture investment, promote national innovation center construction. 8, September Suzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan and other cities have introduced real estate purchase limit credit policy, the future will continue to spread. Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the B20 summit, proposed the construction of innovative, open, interactive, inclusive world economy. Interest rates down blocked, capital markets waiting. Overseas stock market rebound due to the U.S. interest rate hike has been delayed, monetary easing extension. While the domestic economy in August although the short-term stability, but in the promotion of food prices and the rise in the PPI, the 4 quarter inflation pressure on short-term rebound, so the drop quasi monetary policy easing was delayed, which means that short-term interest rates down is blocked, while the capital market still need to wait for the opportunity. One, economy: short-term stability, soaring prices 1) manufacturing short-term improvement. August national manufacturing PMI rebounded to 50.4, better than market expectations of 49.8, a record high since the beginning of 14 years in November, pointing to the short-term improvement in the manufacturing sector. Among them, demand, production theory相关的主题文章:

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