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The introduction of Hangzhou rural teachers more policy support to the grass-roots treatment the higher the original title: Hangzhou introduction of rural teachers to support the policy more to the grassroots level the higher treatment and encourage qualified and the needs of the local college graduates to rural schools, the teachers engaged in the implementation of occupation duty refund policy. The day before, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou municipal government introduced policies and measures to improve the treatment of rural teachers’ work life. Hangzhou city to encourage and support the special teachers, senior teachers to rural schools to support education lectures. To the top grade or senior teachers in rural schools for 1 year and older retired special teachers, senior teachers or has completed the task, all can be given twenty thousand yuan per person per year above working funds, mainly for transport and travel expenses subsidy to buy accident insurance. Hangzhou municipal government official said the interpretation of rural teachers, support policy background, through the open country school graduates directed to the channel, to attract high-quality college graduates and talents to rural schools from teaching, to rural teachers shortage stage to properly solve the problem of "comprehensive two children" policy caused by. According to reports, the city is in accordance with the law in accordance with regulations to improve the grassroots, the more remote, the more difficult, the higher the treatment of rural teachers’ income adjustment mechanism. In the implementation of township organs and institutions of staff work subsidies, the implementation of rural teachers. Rural kindergarten teachers in the 2018 and the basic realization of the cause of the preparation of teachers’ salary level is roughly the same. The Hangzhou municipal government said that the city is to reform and perfect the policy selection of rural teachers, improve the treatment work life of rural teachers, optimize the structure of rural teachers. For example, to encourage qualified Township teacher incentive fund guarantee, enjoy the same medical treatment of rural teachers and local civil servants, and gradually establish a rural poverty relief system of teachers; according to local conditions, because the school system, the construction of teacher turnover dormitory, opened on the next train teachers etc.. Hangzhou introduced policies and regulations, in line with the conditions of the backbone of the exchange of teachers to participate in the annual proportion of not less than 15%. The passing rate of the rural school teachers’ professional titles is not lower than that of the urban schools in principle, and it is not rigid to the subject and the published papers. In rural schools to teach a longer period of time teachers, evaluation of the employment of a higher level of title (duties) should be appropriate tilt care. To undertake two or more disciplines teaching tasks of rural teachers, according to the full science report to promote the title (job). By 2020, the city of Hangzhou as the main body of teachers and teachers of the backbone of the "teacher of the Rural Studio" of not less than 100. Among them, the city directly under the leadership of the school board of education of rural teachers no less than 30. Each teacher’s Rural Studio, each year by the financial arrangements for the work of the necessary funds, into the school budget. Hangzhou City, according to the relevant provisions of the rural schools from teaching 20 years of teachers awarded honorary certificates; excellent work of rural teachers, give administrative reward; for 3 consecutive years to make outstanding contributions to the rural teachers, reward three. To encourage and guide social forces to set up special funds, and to reward the excellent teachers who teach in rural schools. All kinds of teachers involved in the selection and recognition activities to tilt the rural teachers. Wealth at all levels相关的主题文章:

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