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Arts-and-Entertainment At present, high-definition network camera market is at a preliminary stage, but it certainly is the future trend. The market’s view of the product is like, but do not desire. In the field of security monitoring, it is indeed satisfied with the visible, but also want to see things clearly, HD network camera to meet this demand. But a variety of factors, making the popularity of high-definition network cameras still need a gradual process over. The first is the relatively high investment in high-definition applications, which mainly invest in infrastructure and investment in the system itself. System deployment for high-definition storage, network bandwidth requirements and other infrastructure facilities, higher than the SD systems; and the cost of HD equipment itself will be a lot higher than standard definition products. For many ordinary users, the investment cost is an important factor in their choice of one further. Therefore, the application of high-definition at this stage is also mainly concentrated in the high-end applications. Second, the definition of the technology is still moving forward and to achieve true high-definition applications, the need for a .plete HD solution, not just high-definition cameras, and continuously explore the trend of technological development and updates, and provide the overall solution, you need manufacturers have integrated the overall strength of the manufacturers at this stage is not so much. The camera resolution, for example, from 1.3 million pixels to the present 200 million, 500 million will appear in the future or even higher pixel high-definition camera, while the other part of the system also needs to "times" with the upgrade, which is a challenge. In addition, the high-definition applications, the relatively high technical threshold. The existing monitoring system for high-definition users usually have high level of application requirements, requires the user to have some network knowledge, stored knowledge, but also used pieces of new software interface. For the simulation used to monitor the project developers and ordinary users, the transition in the use of operations on the need for a process. Thus, the popularity of high-definition video camera is a gradual process, from high-end projects to the general project, many parts of the key parts to the process of gradual application. The characteristics of this particular period, manufacturers need to introduce more powerful and diverse segments of products, programs to meet the needs of different users. Different industries, the demand for high-definition network camera certainly different. Such as the transportation industry, vehicle capture, lane monitoring, license plate recognition, and even recognition and passengers and others have very strict requirements, so there is a need not only to support the high-definition webcam camera functions, but in this types of camera equipment for the key definition of a bayonet or a .plete license plate recognition system, in order to achieve the full range of monitoring people and cars. In the financial industry, because the Surveillance Camera is mounted on the counter and the main hall and other parts, and therefore need a wide dynamic features; and for counters and other parts of the HD cameras as well as high frame rate requirements in order to see the point of note the details. In addition, different scenarios for the requirements of the video itself, not the same, and some want to see a broader, but the definition is not very strict requirements, such as the square; Some want to see more clearly, you need high resolution, but the low frame rate; Some want to see more smooth, the image does not jump Dayton … … so need a different form for the product customization. As for the function of the application even more customization, such as the zero storage, .work data encryption, user security, etc., will be made for different customers with different needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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