Hebei provincial Party committee 13 special inspection teams all stationed contact way announcedsexinse

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Hebei Provincial Committee of the 13 special inspection teams stationed in full contact all announced the provincial inspection rectification "look back" and the general trend of special inspections started 13 provincial inspection teams have been stationed in Hebei News Network (Hebei Daily reporter correspondent Liu Rongrong Xing Yunfei) according to the Provincial Committee of the unified deployment, as of November 18th, 13 provincial inspection teams have been stationed in visited places, in 11 districts and Dingzhou City, Xinji city and 29 counties (cities, districts) to carry out inspections rectification look back and general atmosphere of special inspections. During the inspection, the provincial inspection teams patrol will highlight the political orientation, focus on comprehensive strictly, closely linked to the "six discipline", weakening, the leadership of the party on the construction of the party strictly, lack of comprehensive problems such as lack of problems, not bottomed out "understanding" of no problems found in the "rediscovery" of no rectification of the problem "urge", seize the typical, serious accountability, form a strong deterrent "". At the same time, the implementation of the central and provincial general requirements and implementation of general discipline to conduct supervision and inspection, and strive to create a delicate gas is in general environment. According to the arrangement, the inspection time for about a month and a half, set up a special telephone hotlines, postal mail, e-mail, letters and telegrams reflects acceptance was visiting the local Party leadership and its members, and the next level is mainly responsible for the important positions of leading cadres to visit key problems, is a violation of political discipline, organization and discipline, honesty and discipline, discipline of the masses, discipline, discipline, and violation of discipline and other aspects of the report and reflect. Provincial inspection group stationed in the list of categories: the first provincial inspection team leader, deputy head of the history of win win: Wang Jiehua was visiting the local Tangshan City and Zunhua City, Leting County, Lubei District report Tel: 0315-2805219 (15931692950 hours) (only accept SMS): P.O. Box No. 1 Tangshan City North Road, Xishan Road to the first provincial inspection teams (postcode: 063000) E-mail: hbswxsz01@hebei.gov group: second provincial inspection teams leader: Li Shengbin deputy leader: Li Zhen visited places: Baoding city and Quyang County, the new County, Laiyuan County report Tel: 0312-5982615 (15832139217 hours) (only accept SMS) P.O. Box: Baoding provincial second inspection box No. 168 turn group (postcode: 071000) E-mail: hbswxsz02@hebei.gov group: the provincial Party committee The three inspection team leader: deputy head Zhang Zhen County: Yan steel visited places: Xingtai city and New River County, Baixiang County, Neiqiu County report Tel: 0319-2569107 (18034559627 hours) (only accept SMS) P.O. Box: Xingtai 166-1 mail (postal code: 054000) E-mail: hbswxsz03@hebei.gov group: provincial fourth inspection group leader: Qiu Qingguo deputy leader: Zhao Jianguo visited places: Zhangjiakou city and Wanquan District of Shangyi, V

河北省委13个专项巡视组全进驻 联系方式全公布   省委巡视整改“回头看”暨换届风气专项巡视全面展开   13个省委巡视组已全部进驻   河北新闻网讯(河北日报记者刘荣荣 通讯员邢云飞)根据省委统一部署,截至11月18日,13个省委巡视组已全部进驻被巡视地方,对11个设区市和定州、辛集市及29个县(市、区)开展巡视整改“回头看”暨换届风气专项巡视。   巡视期间,省委巡视组将突出巡视政治定位,聚焦全面从严治党,紧扣“六项纪律”,紧盯党的领导弱化、党的建设缺失、全面从严治党不力等问题,对没见底的问题“再了解”,对没发现的问题“再发现”,对没整改的问题“再督促”,抓住典型、严肃问责,形成有力“再震慑”。同时,对贯彻中央和省委换届工作要求以及执行换届纪律情况进行监督检查,努力营造风清气正换届环境。   根据安排,本次巡视时间为一个半月左右,设专门举报电话、邮政信箱、电子邮箱等,受理反映被巡视地方党组织领导班子及其成员、下一级主要负责人和重要岗位领导干部问题的来信来电来访,重点是违反政治纪律、组织纪律、廉洁纪律、群众纪律、工作纪律、生活纪律,以及违反换届纪律等方面的举报和反映。   省委巡视组进驻情况一览表   组别:省委第一巡视组 组长:史双胜 副组长:王洁华 被巡视地方:唐山市及遵化市、乐亭县、路北区 举报电话:0315-2805219(工作时间)15931692950(只接受短信) 邮政信箱:唐山市路北区西山道1号转省委第一巡视组(邮编:063000) 电子邮箱:hbswxsz01@hebei.gov   组别:省委第二巡视组 组长:李胜斌 副组长:李真 被巡视地方:保定市及曲阳县、安新县、涞源县 举报电话:0312-5982615(工作时间)15832139217(只接受短信) 邮政信箱:保定市168号信箱转省委第二巡视组(邮编:071000) 电子邮箱:hbswxsz02@hebei.gov   组别:省委第三巡视组 组长:张振县 副组长:闫钢 被巡视地方:邢台市及新河县、柏乡县、内丘县 举报电话:0319-2569107(工作时间)18034559627(只接受短信) 邮政信箱:邢台市166-1信箱(邮编:054000) 电子邮箱:hbswxsz03@hebei.gov   组别:省委第四巡视组 组长:邱庆国 副组长:赵建国 被巡视地方:张家口市及万全区、尚义县、康保县 举报电话:0313-8024519(工作时间)15930109967(只接受短信) 邮政信箱:张家口010信箱(邮编:075000) 电子邮箱:hbswxsz04@hebei.gov   组别:省委第五巡视组 组长:石文生 副组长:燕维堂 被巡视地方:邯郸市及曲周县、鸡泽县、成安县 举报电话:0310-3115560(工作时间)15831179371(只接受短信) 邮政信箱:邯郸市人民路178号邯郸市纪委2号信箱转省委第五巡视组(邮编:056000) 电子邮箱:hbswxsz05@hebei.gov   组别:省委第六巡视组 组长:彭芳 副组长:陈学杰 被巡视地方:石家庄市及行唐县、裕华区、井陉矿区 举报电话:0311-67307398(工作时间)15931690599(只接受短信) 邮政信箱:石家庄市001信箱转省委第六巡视组(邮编:050000) 电子邮箱:hbswxsz06@hebei.gov   组别:省委第七巡视组 组长:王俊钟 副组长:刘武英 被巡视地方:廊坊市及永清县、固安县 举报电话:0316-6065151(工作时间)15830645642(只接受短信) 邮政信箱:廊坊市360信箱(邮编:065000) 电子邮箱:hbswxsz07@hebei.gov   组别:省委第八巡视组 组长:李寿松 副组长:王献民 被巡视地方:辛集市 举报电话:0311-87372691(工作时间)15931151528(只接受短信) 邮政信箱:辛集市1号信箱(邮编:052360) 电子邮箱:hbswxsz08@hebei.gov   组别:省委第九巡视组 组长:赵永芳 副组长:谢学锋 被巡视地方:沧州市及南皮县、沧县、东光县 举报电话:0317-7588576(工作时间)15830660291(只接受短信) 邮政信箱:沧州市第300号信箱(邮政编码061000) 电子邮箱:hbswxsz09@hebei.gov   组别:省委第十巡视组 组长:崔彦文 副组长:扈俊贵 被巡视地方:秦皇岛市及昌黎县、海港区 举报电话:0335-4030636(工作时间)15931698605(只接受短信) 邮政信箱:秦皇岛市1115号信箱(邮编:066000) 电子邮箱:hbswxsz10@hebei.gov   组别:省委第十一巡视组 组长:闫增余 副组长:徐利 被巡视地方:承德市及滦平县、双桥区 举报电话:0314-2057817(工作时间)15027737108(只接受短信) 邮政信箱:承德市22号信箱(邮编:067000) 电子邮箱:hbswxsz11@hebei.gov   组别:省委第十二巡视组 组长:郄志忠 副组长:刘今保 被巡视地方:衡水市及武强县、冀州区 举报电话:0318-6983975(工作时间)13803370635(只接受短信) 邮政信箱:衡水市188号信箱(邮编:053000) 电子邮箱:hbswxsz12@hebei.gov   组别:省委第十三巡视组 组长:李宪涛 副组长:赵铭钦 被巡视地方:定州市 举报电话:0312-2399303(工作时间)18034559835(只接受短信) 邮政信箱:定州市128信箱(邮编:073000) 电子邮箱:hbswxsz13@hebei.gov相关的主题文章:

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