Heilongjiang cancel the specification of the 37 wonderful proof unmarried cohabitation to prove canc-3u8813

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Heilongjiang cancel the standard 37 wonderful proof: proof of unmarried cohabitation cancel – Heilongjiang Beijing canceled and the standard 37 "wonderful proof" includes "unmarried cohabitation certificate" and "no misdeeds that" Harbin youth online on 9 October, (Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Lv Boxiong) reporter today from the Heilongjiang provincial government to promote the transformation of the functions of coordination group office was informed that the relevant work in Heilongjiang province since April this year to carry out clean-up "wonderful proof" achievements, the first cancellation and standard 37 certification. Including "unmarried cohabitation certificate" and "no misdeeds" etc.. It is understood that the leadership of the Heilongjiang provincial government signed a wholesale text, the first batch of the province to the public and the abolition of the standard proof of a total of 37, divided into the following four categories: first, the direct cancellation of the. The organs, institutions and state-owned enterprises, intermediary and social organizations, is no longer required 6 Xiang Zhengming masses issued proof, accident: burial certificate, single and nonparous proof, unmarried first birth certificate, birth certificate, not proof of unmarried cohabitation. The two is a grassroots level to provide all kinds of identity cards, valid residence, business license, insurance card, bank deposit or related materials, no longer require proof of the 14: check the file issued by the certificate and certificate, certificate, old age allowance serving high age certificate, proof of age, 80 years old to 90 years old, veterans certificate, retirement certificates, certificates, proof of the disease, cancer, drug and medical certificate to prove that the floating population, the Disabled Scooter proof. Three is the government departments at all levels through information sharing, field visits, investigation to obtain relevant information, to meet the conditions, no longer require proof of the 12 masses issued: no ability to repay, "three noes" (no income, no ability to work, do not support obligations or legal obligations to support people loss of the ability to work and to bring citizens) proof, do not harm the social proof, proof of address, the location of housing, housing as real proof, proof of business location proof, not relocation certificate, not adoption certificate, not for the one-child certificate certificate, no proof, no record traffic violation records. The four is where the loss of all kinds of documents and card (fold), notes, by the original issuing unit to re submit, proof of the 5 masses no longer issued real estate license: the loss certificate, ID card is lost, the loss certificate, residence booklet and tax invoice, Bill lost proof documents and other aspects to prove the loss. It is reported that, at present, the provincial government to promote the coordination of the office of the functional transformation of the team is still working to clean up, and strive to cancel the end of the year and standardize a number of unnecessary proof.相关的主题文章:

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