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Home-Improvement Having just moved to New Orleans from her posh condo space in New York, 23-year-old Helen Cox feels excited and nervous at the same time. Excited since this is the first time shes living away from family and friends not to mention the places shes grown accustomed to. Nervous, on the other hand, as she failed to orient herself very well with this city in Louisiana, a staple in Anne Rice novels, prior to purchasing a home here. Apart from its Victorian style, the house Helen bought was offered at a relatively low price than others in the market. Besides, she was informed this New Orleans home had undergone repair recently, thus among the splendid houses lined up along Esplanade Avenue of New Orleans, the house painting job done on Helens place cant be ignored what with striking shades like rose pink, turquoise and rust teeming it. As she arranges her furniture pieces starting in the living room, Helen tells herself she will never ever leave her quiet New Orleans home for city building life again no matter how attractive and convenient the amenities of the latter seem. She loves everything about her new abode, from the cobble stoned pathway and well ventilated parlor, to its well thought out kitchen and dining layout, and two spacious bedrooms. Helen was also thrilled with the fact that the former owners of her New Orleans home considered bathroom remodeling, too, before selling the property to her. Whats most impressive though is how the New Orleans home improvement team successfully fused modern features and the 19th century architectural design of the place. Every passerby on Esplanade Avenue cant help but stop in front of Helens house and look at it in awe. Whether you observe it from the left or right or from the front gate, theres no denying its really a splendid view. This gives Helen a sense of pride and wonder. Pride as this is her first time to own a house which receives such great amount of adulation, and wonder what she couldve possibly done to make this happen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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