Henan next rainstorm westerly withered trees don’t forget to wear long johns (video)-melia kreiling

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Henan next rainstorm westerly withered trees don’t forget to wear long johns Bai Zhoufeng – reporter Liu Rui literary photography Washington a day of rain, wind withered trees, send cold. Yesterday morning, as the invasion came cool, a lot of people just out of the gate, it was cold shock to go home, put on thick long sleeved, some even wear long johns. Yellow flower abortion, ring bearing residues, did not fall from yesterday so real, the earth remains for summer, was swept away. And after this cooling, the temperature in my province will be difficult to restore more than 30 degrees centigrade. According to the forecast, today, cloudy province south and east to the south, Xinyang, Zhumadian, Zhoukou, Shangqiu four area and Nanyang area and Gushi, Luyi, Yongcheng, Xincai with light rain, which in some areas in Xinyang and Gushi have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain; other area is cloudy. From tomorrow to the day after tomorrow, there will be light rain in cloudy days in the eastern and southern part of our province. Some of the southeastern part of China will be heavy rain and heavy rain, and others will be cloudy to cloudy. In the area of rainfall, the temperature will also wander in the low position. In other regions, the situation of low temperature will be suspended for the time being. The city of Zhengzhou is cloudy and cloudy today with the highest temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. On Friday, on cloudy days, the highest temperature rises to 23 degrees Celsius. On Saturday, the cloudy day ended on a clear day, and the temperature continued to go up to 28 degrees Celsius. On Sunday, the sunny day goes on, the highest temperature rises to 30 degrees Celsius. And next Monday, in October 3rd, the sky turned cloudy and the highest temperature climbed to 32 degrees Celsius. However, with the deepening of autumn and the frequent disturbance of cold air, the highest temperature has not stabilized the heel, and it will become a history. In October 4th, in October 4th, Zhengzhou continued to be cloudy, but the highest temperature fell back to 28 degrees Celsius. According to the mid – and long – term forecast, the highest temperature in Zhengzhou after the holiday will fall to 14 degrees Celsius. What is the specific concept that you can feel when you arrive. (newspaper) video: the massive cooling raid on Jilin will welcome the local people behind the winter snow today infraredimages: Henan guy video game city entertainment or gambling today spend 200 thousand January hot news: Henan released "eleven" travel to remind these sections please try to avoid a district of Luanchuan in a Tibetan mastiff drop from the clouds terrified passers-by Zhengzhou police cracked a large drug trafficking case 4 packets of drugs hidden in the mail of Zhengzhou pregnant nurse midwife for half an hour after the end of his slumped on the ground. Women’s feelings of frustration in the car to send photos with blood bestie self mutilation

河南今明局地有暴雨 西风凋碧树别忘穿秋裤□记者刘瑞朝文白周峰摄影本报讯一场急雨,一天大风,凋碧树,送严寒。昨日一大早,凉意就侵袭而来,不少人刚出大门,就被冷风激得“打道回府”,穿上厚厚的长袖,有的甚至穿上秋裤。黄叶败花,衰荷残柳,秋天从没有昨天这样真切,大地上还残存逗留的夏意,被一扫而空。而这次降温后,我省的气温,将很难再恢复三十多摄氏度的等级。根据预报,今天,我省南部、东部继续阴天,其中信阳、驻马店、周口、商丘四地区和南阳地区南部及固始、新蔡、鹿邑、永城有小雨,其中信阳地区和固始部分地区有中到大雨,局部有暴雨;其他地区多云。明天到后天,我省东部、南部阴天有小雨,其中东南部部分地区有中到大雨,局部有暴雨;其他地区多云到阴天。降雨的区域,温度也将在低位徘徊。而其他区域,低温的局面将暂时中止。郑州市今天是晴转多云天气,最高温度21摄氏度。周五,阴天,最高温度提升至23摄氏度。周六,阴天结束转晴天,温度也继续走高,至28摄氏度。周日,晴天继续,最高温度升至30摄氏度。而到了下周一,也就是10月3日,晴天结束转多云,最高温度却攀高至32摄氏度。不过,随着秋天的渐深和冷空气的频繁扰动,最高温度还没站稳脚跟,就将成为历史。下周二,10月4日,郑州多云继续,但最高温度重新跌回28摄氏度。根据中远期预报,假期后的郑州,最高气温将跌至14摄氏度。具体什么概念,大家到时可感受一下。(大河报)相关视频: 大规模降温突袭吉林 民众冬装加身局地将迎初雪 今日热图:河南小伙电玩城一月花20万 娱乐还是赌博今日热闻:河南发布“十一”出行提醒 这些路段请尽量避开栾川一小区一头藏獒从天而降 吓坏路人郑州警方侦破特大贩卖毒品案 4包毒品藏邮件里郑州怀孕护士跪地接生半小时 结束后瘫坐在地上开封女子感情受挫车内自残 给闺蜜发照片浑身血相关的主题文章:

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