High staged robbery robbery scene several people forced to stop driving police vehicles midd-885

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High speed staged "prison" scene the number of people driving force police vehicles parked police vehicles were damaged, the tank rupture is not running. Scene of the incident. Original title: Henan Shangqiu high-speed staged "prison": the number of people forced to stop driving the vehicle to the police was arrested by the police suspect, the suspect several relatives driving vehicles, police vehicles hit the stop tracking chase on the highway, fortunately, Shangqiu high-speed traffic police, Zhecheng county public security police, Shantou police timely disposal the suspect, didn’t get away. In August 24th, the river network reporter from the Shangqiu high-speed traffic police was informed that the case involving false alarm, robbery by escort personnel and other criminal acts, Shangqiu high-speed traffic police will be in accordance with the law involved vehicles transferred to the Zhecheng County Police Brigade for further processing. The alarm "kidnapped relatives" and "police" in the end who is lying in Shangqiu high-speed traffic police captain Jiang Chengli told reporters Dahe website, 16:42 on August 23rd, he received the brigade command center said, a man police said their relatives is a license plate number for the personnel of Henan AF5Q36 black "TOYOTA" car kidnapped by Shangqiu Pingyuan road driving on the highway; 17:10, alarm people called him in the Shang and Zhou Expressway 72km west half, has to intercept the car, and the car stopped. 17:15, Henan AF5Q36 car men claiming to Guangdong Province, Shantou City Public Security Bureau police to arrest the suspect, Shangqiu, is a license plate number Henan A6JS95 Buick "enclave" car crash after the car was forced to stop teaming, they arrest suspects by violence obstruct. The scene to arrest suspects police vehicles and double crashed after the alarm, Jiang Chengli Liu Zaichen led the police, the Police Association Zhang Shijie, accident squadron of police Zheng Dayan, Wang rushed to the site of the incident. At 17:18, after police arrived at the scene found that about 5 to 7 cars parked on the highway emergency stop area, including license plate number Henan AF5Q36, Henan NV0xxx two car reverse parked on the highway emergency stop area, license plate number Henan AF5Q36 before and after TOYOTA "Highlander" car two car attack, Henan AF5Q36 the front part of the damage, the door has been left after deformation, the rest of the vehicle damage is not serious. Henan AF5Q36 car personnel first time show police identity and tells Zheng Dayan that they are in Guangdong Province, Shantou City Public Security Bureau police investigators, in cooperation with the Zhecheng County Public Security Bureau in Shangqiu City, somewhere in the alleged fraud suspects will Xu captured suspects to Shantou. The escort on the way, was the rear car trailing them on the left side of a car license plate for Henan A6JS95 car hit them on the left side of the door, the escort vehicle rotation escape hit the guardrail, reverse parked in the emergency lane. The number of high-end car playback in the high-speed road, police vehicle double encirclement almost at the same time, otherwise a license plate number Henan NV0xxx Audi A8 car after overtaking reverse to their coming will be escorted by vehicle. Since then, several cars with AF5Q36 car double encirclement. The investigation, AF5Q2相关的主题文章:

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