HNA Huaan insurance holding the right to seek deposit variable payment transactions is not up to the ajviewer

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HNA Huaan insurance holding the right to seek deposit variable payment transactions is not up to the same Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Li Zhihong reported in Beijing HNA seeking Huaan insurance the first major shareholder will slow process of fear. In September 19th, HNA investment announcement that continue to hold 7.143% stake in Huaan property insurance. For the previous investment plans through the HNA Holdings Bohai holding shares, the purchase of Guangzhou Zeda holdings of Huaan insurance 14.77% shares in issue, decided the preemptive right to abandon the stake. The reason, the announcement said, HNA investment and the transferor Guangzhou Zeda communication process, at the same price, payment transactions failed to reach a consensus, so the board of directors for consideration, decided to give up the right of preemption stake. "At present, because the hot Huaan property insurance insurance license, the value will rise. But at the same price, the investment of its own funds to Hainan or unwilling to match its own capital needs, so the transaction payment failed to reach an agreement." A person close to the transaction on twenty-first Century economic news reporter said. According to the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter combing, Hainan and Huaan insurance’s origin can be traced back to 5 years ago. In January 2011, Huaan insurance capital increase, the introduction of new strategic investors and capital HNA HNA hotel. Among them, HNA capital subscribed shares 175 million shares, the shareholding ratio of 12.5%, the subscription amount of 875 million yuan; the HNA Hotel shares subscribed 100 million shares, the shareholding ratio of 7.14%, the subscription amount of 500 million yuan. HNA total 19.64% stake, for a total of second large shareholders; tehua investment holdings to 20%, as the first major shareholder. This was finally in 2011 5 menstrual approved by the CIRC, the insurance registered capital of Huaan completed by 900 million yuan to 1 billion 400 million yuan change. In 2012, the registered capital of Huaan insurance once again changed, from 1 billion 400 million yuan to 2 billion 100 million yuan, after the capital of Hainan HNA Hotel Capital and the number of shares, the shareholding ratio unchanged. In August 2015, the registered capital of one after another after the changes, Huaan property announcement that intends to invest capital and the HNA HNA HNA Hotel held a total of 412 million 500 thousand shares of Huaan insurance shares, the total share capital of 19.64%, after the completion of the transaction, the two companies are no longer holding shares of Huaan property insurance. However, the second quarter of 2016 Huaan property insurance solvency report, HNA HNA Hotel investment has the number of shares, the shareholding ratio of 7.14%, HNA capital is still in the list of shareholders, the shareholding ratio of 12.50%. However, the HNA system did not stop. In August 2016, Hainan Airlines intends to invest through the Bohai holdings to buy Huaan insurance 14.77% shares issued shares. The transferor Guangzhou Zeda, the transaction price of 1 billion 699 million 890 thousand yuan. It is worth noting that相关的主题文章:

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