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Need to pay attention to the choice of decoration Home Furnishing dark tiles radiation will be greater [Chu Home Furnishing] Reading tile is one of the necessary building materials most family decoration. However, as natural stone, ceramic tile radiation problem has been deeply concerned. Youmianzhuan, Bohuazhuan, dark, light colored tiles on the market, many kinds, what kind of tile greater radiation decoration, how to choose? The glazed tiles need to be more careful. Glazed ceramic tile is subjected to a layer of glaze in ceramic tile substrate, ceramic tile surface in various colors, rich patterns and pattern. Due to poor wear resistance in Home Furnishing glaze, decoration, glazed tiles used for kitchen and bathroom wall. Glazed tile raw materials from natural minerals, mainly potassium bearing minerals, such as feldspar, mica, quartz, these minerals contain potassium, uranium and other radioactive substances must. And these radioactive substances in the grinding, high temperature, sintering and other physical and chemical processes are still radioactive. For ceramic tile glaze, the indoor environment testing experts, in order to make Youmianzhuan surface smooth, easy cleaning, manufacturers joined the zircon sand high in Youmianzhuan radioactive material, which has increased the Youmianzhuan radioactive. Light decoration Beijing Branch Technical Director Sun Pei said, relatively speaking, the most serious Youmianzhuan radioactive contamination in the dark. The deeper the color, the more radioactive material, the greater the radiation. Specifically, in all of the red brick, and the most serious, such as radioactive ceramic tile general red, red and other colors of Rhododendron relative higher. For fear that the greater the radiation white tiles, mainly due to the addition of zirconium raw materials in the ceramic tile. But Sun Pei said, the current market has rarely seen particularly white tiles, which does not accord with the scientific Home Furnishing decoration, dazzling white is not conducive to Home Furnishing lose weight, is not dirty, therefore, businesses rarely bother producing this kind of ceramic tile products. However, it should be emphasized that the size of the radiation is relatively ceramic. In general, the quality of qualified, brand tiles, radiation can be assured that consumers do not have to panic. In Home Furnishing decoration, as long as the proper attention to the large cracks don’t dark, especially red glazed tiles can not only avoid the radiation problem, and avoid the use of large dark tiles bring room depression. At the same time, in the purchase of the product, but also pay attention to the test report for tile product radiation to vendors, and indicate them in the contract as the basis rights day after.相关的主题文章:

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