Hongkong Department of health Zhai card virus into Hongkong high-risk people to be vigilant-lformat

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The Hongkong Department of health: Zika virus into Hongkong high risk people to Beijing in August Beijing – alert 30 according to the Hongkong SAR government press, Hongkong Centre for health protection, Department of Health says 29 days, because of international travel frequently, therefore Zika virus spread in Hongkong high risk. Citizens and health care workers must be highly vigilant. Hongkong Centre for health protection 29 days and sent letters to all hospital doctors, remind them if patients with clinically suspected Zika virus infection, should be timely for the patient for laboratory investigation. The Department reiterated that early identification is the key to finding a case. Hongkong CHP spokesman said, in view of Singapore continues to find new local Zika virus infections in Hongkong last week, also confirmed the first imported case, because of international travel frequently, therefore Zika virus spread in Hongkong high risk. Citizens and health care workers must be highly vigilant. The centre for health protection is a reminder that if a patient is clinically suspected of being infected with a virus, blood and urine tests should be arranged. If the patient has been to the affected areas, should be more vigilant. The doctor should pay attention to whether there is any abnormal or suspicious symptom group connection between patients. Early identification helps to control the possible local spread. The spokesman added, in order to prevent the Zika virus may spread in Hongkong, we can arrange the laboratory investigation is extremely important to help identify any case to timely epidemiological investigation and implementation of control measures such as mosquito control. At the same time, the Ministry of health of Hongkong port health office has stepped up inspections to ensure good sanitation and effective prevention and control of mosquito. The port health inspectors have to strengthen the airport, seaport and land ports cleaning and pest control contractor training, to ensure that the vector control measures in place. Each port has to strengthen health propaganda, through pamphlets and posters to remind passengers prevention measures to be Zika virus. A spokesman, permanent health monitoring all ports will continue to monitor the temperature of inbound travelers, suspected cases will be referred to the medical institutions to follow up. However, because there are about seven to 80% of patients infected with Zika virus after no symptoms, and most of the patients with symptoms of the disease can be cured, so once again called for at least 21 days after any one card virus from affected areas to Hong Kong in the village, should continue to use insect repellent, reducing the risk of transmission. The Hongkong Department of health has maintained a close relationship with the tourism industry, especially the operation of tours to Zika virus affected area of the travel agency, tour guide and leader and reception to the affected areas (especially women), regularly update the disease information and health advice.相关的主题文章:

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