Hongkong Police Kill Kill 1 civil servants reward reward of HK $10 thousand-kamikaze love

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Hongkong civil servants: Kill 1 police killed a reward of HK $10 thousand Chu surname surnamed Chu was arrested police arrested suspects seized computer users @ Chen Hongkong in micro-blog _ mind map, Hongkong riot police from the scene, the protection of civilians mob, CCTV official twitter reported 15, a staff member on the Internet because "the reward for killing policemen at the immigration of Hongkong SAR government, the day before was arrested by the police. The arrested man, surnamed Chu, aged 30, has been in the Immigration Department of the Hong Kong government for 8 years. He allegedly posted a reward sign on his face book, saying that if an organization or individual killed 1 police officers, he would be rewarded with HK $10 thousand. Chu later explained to his police that his Facebook account was hacked, but later investigations showed that the Internet postings were posted by him himself. The police are investigating the case further. On the night of the monkey spring festival, riots broke out in Mong Kok, Hongkong. Which was triggered by the government of Hongkong food and Environmental Hygiene Department banned in the local stall hawker, causing dissatisfaction. Some analysts said, just past the umbrella movement, high iron serious cost overruns, Tongluowan Bookstore event and so on, tearing up the Hongkong society, now the old wound added a new injury, leading to riots continued. Hongkong police unfortunately once again become a mob punching bag, as of now there are a number of policemen were injured. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

香港公务员悬赏杀警察:杀1个奖励1万港元   Chu姓男子被捕   Chu姓男子被捕 警方收缴嫌疑人电脑主机   网友@陳淨心_香港在微博上发图称,香港暴乱现场,平民保护警察免受暴徒袭击   央视官方推特15日报道称,香港特区政府入境事务处一名工作人员因为在网上“悬赏杀警察”,日前被警方逮捕。   被捕Chu姓男子现年30岁,在港府入境事务处任职,已经工作了8年。他涉嫌在脸书上贴出悬赏告示,称如果有组织或个人每杀死1名警察,他将奖励1万港元。   Chu随后向警方辩解称他的脸书账户被黑客入侵,但之后的调查表明,相关的网贴是他本人发布的。目前警方正对案件作进一步调查。   猴年春节当晚,香港旺角爆发骚乱。事件的导火索是香港政府食物环境卫生署人员取缔在当地设摊的小贩,引发不满。有分析称,刚刚过去的雨伞运动、高铁严重超支、铜锣湾书店事件等等,撕裂了香港社会,如今旧伤未愈又添新伤,导致暴乱持续至今。香港警察很不幸地再次成了暴徒的出气筒,截至目前已经有多名警察受伤。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章:

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