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How about going out on a trip with inferior fuel? What is the impact on the car? Sohu car recently a little holiday some crazy, first fifteen of the Mid Autumn Festival, after the national day of eleven, such a long holiday how can not make people excited! First, the reunion of the Mid Autumn Festival to go home to see their parents, after the national day 7 day long vacation to go out to travel, think about it is very exciting. But when you go out to play may also encounter a variety of problems, of course, the car before the car can not be detected in all aspects of the problem, the car is a good solution to the problem, but the problem of gasoline to solve it? In fact, there are many master quiz platform owners asked if I used before is No. 95 gasoline, but the location did not travel 95 gasoline, only 92 gasoline, it can add 92 gasoline, and after the engine has what effect? The problem is very simple, no gas station No. 95 gasoline, only 92 gasoline, but gasoline plus 92 does exist a certain influence, this with the gasoline antiknock and the compression ratio of the engine has a direct relationship, in order to prevent this in the car standing on a bottle of the original fuel additive, can improve the gasoline burning. If the problem is so simple that you do not have to mention the master, in fact, many owners reflected in unfamiliar places added to the poor quality fuel, poor fuel car fire caused by lack of fire. What is the specific impact of the inferior fuel on the engine? A look at the following: 1 poor quality fuel oil and impurities in the fuel supply system will plug, resulting in engine performance decline, common phenomena such as difficult to start, can not start, driving flameout, etc.. 2 long time low-grade fuel will produce carbon deposition, such as inlet carbon, carbon deposition, solar term door cylinder, a valve accumulated carbon carbon, carbon deposit greatly affected the performance of the engine, not only increases fuel consumption and lower power weak acceleration, engine failure probability increase. 3 poor fuel combustion will affect the oxygen sensor and the normal operation of the three element catalyst, resulting in the entire engine system failure, and the failure of the three yuan will cause excessive emissions. Whether with a poor fuel is also very simple, after adding the inferior, the ride will be greatly reduced, the gas will appear more obvious sense of frustration, and emergency fuel will appear the phenomenon of tempering, detonation phenomenon also increased etc.. If the owners encountered such a situation, in addition to high grade fuel with a label, only owned some original fuel additive to improve gasoline combustion, improve the octane value of gasoline antiknock and. A car: Car master has a problem, find a car at the auto master, master has 100 thousand certified professional 4S automotive technician, quick answer your car repair and maintenance of vehicles, etc.. Car master also opened the door to install the service in the country, welcomed the appointment of car master gold service. History ======= problem for automobile automobile master car master, 10 minutes to answer all your questions: WeChat car car add up arrow press copy master相关的主题文章:

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